5 Tips to Maintaining Your Heavy Duty Equipment

Heavy duty equipment is costly to replace and buy. As a company that depends on these machines, you need to ensure that you take proper care of these items. Remember that if you do not take enough precaution, there is a possibility of a higher cost for repairs than the initial buying price.

The cost will also affect the return on investment, which is something that most managers never want to hear. Therefore, here are five tips that will help your machines function for long.

1. Replace your tracks

Huge caterpillars and trucks pass through rough terrains. As they do so, they will come across stones or even hard materials that can cause severe injuries to wheels. During maintenance, be sure to check the wheels and replace them if they are in bad condition.

Additionally, hire a good firm that will assist in maintaining and providing the best replacements for those tracks. Fortis Tracks is an example of such a company that bring such services to you. Be sure that they will do the work within a short time; therefore, a trustworthy company.

2. Clean the equipment

During work, dust, dirt, mud, and even stones tend to stick to the parts of the machine. Thus, it is good that you wash them after you use them. Your equipment becomes durable.

Come up with a schedule for cleaning it. Do it occasionally and ensure that you are consistent on that. As you clean, the mechanical engineer should be present to ensure that all the parts are in shape for the next job.

3. Educate the operators

Employee safety is a requirement to all employers in the world. If you are not protecting life, then you are not protecting your employees’ rights. On the other hand, the training does not just have an impact on the safety of the operator. The equipment will function for a longer time if the person working with it has the right education.

Ensure that you hire trained individuals. It will be a good idea if you ask for any certification before you hire them for the job.

4. Understand the equipment’s limit

After making your purchase, the manufacturer or vendor gives you a user manual. It acts as a guide, especially during repair and maintenance. You should keep the manual safe because they have all the information you require when you need to repair something.

It will also educate you on the weight of the machine and the maximum amount of luggage it can accommodate. Avoid overworking your machine. If you notice any overheating, then it is time to give it a break.

5. Invest in a safe and secure storage

Users should understand that leaving your heavy duty equipment out in the sun and rain is dangerous to them. From your Chemistry class, you should know that the parts overheat when you expose them to too much sunlight. Water, on the other hand, starts to form rust when you expose those parts to it.

Thus, keep them safe in a warehouse where the environment is clean and dry. You can also cover them to keep them clean from dust or any other dirt, which target the most hidden parts.

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