Deconstruction and Reuse: The Future of our Built Environment

Have you ever watched a building come down? I’ve seen everything from a neighborhood of large block tenement buildings blown up, to a small cottage being crunched by a bulldozer in an hour. It’s kind of exciting in many ways, and rather distressing in others. What’s exciting is the power of our machinery to move that much material in such…
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Social Media Summit Construction

Social Media Summit – Construction – Webcast and Survey

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces a webcast and survey regarding social media marketing usage and best practices in the construction industry. The Social Media Summit – Construction – Webcast is scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018 (1 pm CST), and is free to both CMA members and non-members. Webcast panelists include Kate Fisher, social media and content director for…
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CMA Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Used to Sell American West Homes

When it comes to marketing new home communities, the tried and true model home is the traditional venue. However, the Las Vegas new housing market is aggressive right now, so new construction homes are being purchased practically before the lots are released. Such is the case for American West Homes’ newest community, Rainbow Crossing Luxury at Coronado Ranch in southwest…
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3 Tips to Improving the Strength of Concrete With Mesh

Reinforcing mesh in concrete is used to improve the tensile strength of the concrete by helping it hold together hence limiting cracking. However, not all concrete requires reinforcement. Concrete that carries heavy loads such as foundation walls, footings and columns almost always need reinforcing mesh. However, small concrete projects such as driveways, pathways or even playhouse floors do not need…
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Construction Editorial Awards Winners Announced

The Construction Media Alliance – a network of construction industry journalists, public relations professionals, marketers, publishers and social media contributors – announced the winners of its second annual editorial and marketing awards via a Facebook Live webcast on June 5th, 2018. The winners were chosen by a panel of industry peers based on criteria set forth by the group’s volunteer-led…
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3 Tips to Choosing an Angle Grinder

When it comes to the time to stock your home with equipment and power tools, the angle grinder is definitely one of the top tools that cannot be forgotten. The angle grinder will be used for all your cutting and polishing needs. There are many types of angle grinders available on the market and this means that you have to…
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AEC Next

AEC Next is a Must for Construction Professionals

The AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference is a must-attend event for all construction professionals in 2018. The special event offers the most vendors, the most attendees, and the greatest number of offerings fit for your entire team. The conference will take place twice this year. The first will be June 5-7 in Anaheim, CA. The other will take place…
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2018 Construction Marketing STAR Awards – Call For Entries

The Construction Marketing Association announces a CALL FOR ENTRIES for the annual Construction Marketing STAR™ awards. The program recognizes marketing effectiveness in the construction industry in North America and worldwide. Winning entries are posted in STAR Awards Winners Gallery. Early entry deadline is September 28, 2018. Final entry deadline is October 26. The 2018 Construction Marketing STAR™ Awards recognize the…
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The Benefits of Using Steel in Construction

The trade of steel is an important part of the global economy, with about five million people involved in making this metal worldwide and a further million people employed in service centers, galvanizing plants and trading. Every year the world produces about 1,600 million tons of crude steel – the equivalent weight of about 160,000 Eiffel Towers. It’s also of…
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The Carpenter Contractor Trust – An Introduction

It’s all marketing. Well, it isn’t, exactly. But the reason we hear that cliché so frequently is that it carries with it a ring of truth that resonates within all of us. The Carpenter Contractor Trust (, or simply “The CCT,” is a labor management trust formed in 2001. Its inception was the result of collective, creative minds who recognized…
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