Social Media: Your Online Customer-Business Relationship

Social Media Relationship

Think of social media as your customer-business relationship that exists entirely online. Like any relationship, it takes time, adaptability, dedication, and long-term thinking. Use it as an active line of communication where you can share your promotions, gain feedback, and provide overall customer service.

Be personable. Treat your followers like you would a person IRL.

If you sent a text to a friend and they didn’t respond, you’d be mad. So why would you ignore social messages or mentions. At a minimum, like anything you were tagged in, but an active response is better. It can be as simple as “Thanks for sharing!” to something more thoughtful. These interactions improve your relationship as it would traditionally.

Think of the context of the conversation. It’s not very likely that you’re going to discuss something outlandishly off-topic with someone whom you’re having a conversation with. Treat your online conversation the same way, by planning relevant social posts with your target audience in mind.

If someone’s crying, you likely wouldn’t walk up to them and brag to them about how your life is going. Your social media platforms are meant to talk your company up, but do it at the appropriate time. If some sort of tragedy or natural disaster takes place, then maybe it’s not the day to share something overly upbeat or sales pitch-y. Also, be very careful when tweeting about said tragedy. Cinnabon received backlash when it tweeted a drawing of Star Wars’ Princess Leia with cinnamon buns implemented in her signature hairstyle just after Carrie Fisher’s death. Although it was meant as a tribute, many viewed it as ill-timing. You have to read your audience and adapt. Otherwise, you’ll come across as out-of-touch, insensitive, or both.

Don’t put them to sleep. With the many, many social posts on the feed, you have a very short period of time to catch attention. And even if they pause, a lengthy paragraph or boring language can quickly divert it somewhere else. Try not to make social posts too long (if you do, then break them up into short paragraphs) and make sure the content is interesting to your target.

Honesty’s the best policy. In any kind of relationship, dishonesty can do serious harm. Same goes for your followers.

Where do you see this relationship going? Plan on taking it to the next level by turning a follower into a sale. Be strategic with what content you use and its timing to better ensure this relationship sees the next big step.

Convert With Social

By treating your social relationship like any other relationship, your construction firm is far more likely to earn an important lead. So ditch the drab, sales-y social in favor of something more effective.

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