Social Media Survey Available for Construction Professionals

Social Media SurveyThe Construction Marketing Association is now conducting a national survey on social media. Find out what social media networks your construction marketing peers are implementing, and which ones are working, by taking a quick and anonymous survey.

These survey results will be shared at our upcoming Social Media Summit for Construction Brands Webcast on September 18, 2012 at 1PM CDT.

A variety of questions will be asked of the construction industry, such as whether or not you employ social media in your marketing program, and if so which networks work best for you and which ones you find least effective in communicating information about your brand.

The survey was designed to get an overall look at how construction professionals are utilizing social media in the workplace and whether or not they find it useful for generating business leads and an overall return on investment. We will also be comparing these results against the size of the construction business.

Please take 2 minutes to fill out this brief social media survey so we can get a better understanding of the role social media plays in the construction industry.

OR if you are feeling a little busy and want to fill out the survey NOW, just complete it below!


We welcome you to share this survey with other construction professionals using the share tools below.  Please provide any feedback on your current social media marketing initiatives in the comment box as well.

You can link to the social media survey for construction professionals or sign up for our upcoming social media summit webcast.


  1. Construction services

    This is a great survey to take. I have seen a lot of construction companies making social media as their source of advertisement to publicize/sell their projects. I have seen people focusing on social media network more now rather then putting ads on newspapers or television.

    1. Neil Brown

      Thank you for taking the survey! We can’t wait to share the results with everyone.


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