Social Media For Construction – 2013 Survey Results

Social Media for Construction To further understand the use of social media in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. Do you employ social media in your marketing program?

2. If yes, do you manage social media marketing internally or outsource?

3. What social networks do you employ? Check all that apply

4. Do you employ blogging?

5. Have you utilized paid advertising on the following networks? Check all that apply.

6. What social media is MOST effective in achieving results?

7. What social media is LEAST effective in achieving results?

8. What results have you achieved via social media marketing?

9. Which category best describes your company?


Nearly all respondents (96.6%) use social media in their marketing program. This figure has increased slightly from 90% in 2012.

Do you employ social media marketing?


92.7% of respondents indicated that they manage social media internally. Outsourcing social media marketing has seen almost no increase since 2012, when 91.3% of respondents were managing social media internally.

Do you manage social media internally or outsource?


LinkedIn is the top used network by construction professionals (91.2%). Twitter (84.2%) and Facebook (82.5%) take second and third place. Houzz is the least used social media website by construction professionals with only 1.8% of respondents indicating they use it. For construction, design, remodeling, etc. professionals, Houzz offers a unique opportunity to reach a more targeted audience and connect with similar professionals. Read our blog on Houzz here.

A comparison with 2012 results is below. In 2013, Twitter replaced Facebook in the number 2 spot.

Types of Social Media Used


Types of Social Media 2012


52.6.% of those in the construction industry do not employ blogging in their social media marketing program, while 47.4% do. Blogging has increased since 2012, where only 39% of respondents indicated that they blog.

If you are a part of the 52.6% who don’t blog, check out Blogging for Construction Marketing – Part One which discusses the benefits of blogging, blog platforms, and features.  For those already blogging, learn more about the ongoing management of your blog with Blogging for Construction Marketing – Part Two.

Do you employ blogging


The majority of construction professionals have not leveraged paid social media advertisements (82.5%). 12.3% have used LinkedIn advertising, 10.5% have used Facebook advertising, and only 1.8% have used Twitter advertising.

Paid Social Media Advertising


For the second year in a row, LinkedIn was rated the most effective social media network (45.6%). Notably, blogging jumped from 5th place in 2012 (14%) to 3rd place (29.8%) in 2013. A comparison with 2012 results is below.

Most Effective Social Network


Most effective social network 2012


For the second year in a row, Facebook was found to be the least effective in achieving results with 31.6% (Pinterest is again ranked as the second least effective). A comparison with 2012 results is below.

With 1 billion+ users, it is crucial to have a strong foundation for your Facebook marketing strategy to increase your effectiveness. To help you learn more about achieving results with your Facebook marketing strategy read Facebook Best Practices for Construction, or Tips to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page.

Least effective social network for construction


Least effective social media 2012


Survey respondents reported a greater amount of Awareness being realized through the use of social media marketing over 2012 with an increase from 69% to 86%, as awareness takes the top spot for the second year in a row. Construction professionals are realizing more results from social media marketing. The amount that are receiving no results is down from 17% in 2012 to 7% in 2013. A comparison with 2012 results is below.

Social Media Results For Construction 2013


Social Media Results for Construction 2012


Respondents came from a variety of companies within the construction industry including commercial construction (33%), construction services (18%), building products manufacturing (10.5%), equipment manufacturing (9%), consultant (7%), architectural/engineering (5%), distributor (3.5%), equipment retail (3.5%), and other (10.5%).

Company Classification


You can view full 2012 results here. Stay tuned for our Social Media Summit webcast summary blog!

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