Ways to Make your Construction Project More Memorable

Everyone involved in a construction project, from the designers to the architects, builders, surveyors and more will want nothing but success for their efforts. Not only can a memorable project bring you awards and prestige, there’s also the fact that your company and clients could get more business as a trusted and established construction firm.

This is more easily said than done however and there’s no simple trick for making a project something that really stands out. There are however a number of different approaches to take starting from initial designs to the building work itself. Here’s a few things for you to consider:

Take influence from the greats

When you research some of the most impressive and striking construction projects, you’ll often find that their innovative designs have been influenced by an event, style or period in history. So during the planning stage, look through the archives and try and incorporate some of these influences into your project.

Carryout surveys

At the same time, along with the above you should consider what the residents in the local area think would be a good addition. Carryout surveys that take into account what these people think; after all they will be the people who see and possibly use this building the most. In turn, you can increase the chances of receiving positive feedback upon completion.

What feelings do you want to evoke?

Another part of the planning is to think about what feelings you want to evoke from the people who see your building. Different shapes, colors and effects can create certain emotional responses in people, so it’s again worth looking into these aspects and applying them in the design process.

Offer progression updates

When you’ve finally broken ground, a great way to gather interest in your project is to offer regular updates on how the construction is going. This might be via online platforms, such as setting up a social media account; or you might want to have a webcam on site, or create monthly time lapse films for people to watch.

Make a spectacle of the unveiling

Lastly, when your building is ready you should make an event of the opening to again help keep people interested. Offer tours and allow people to view your creation in all its glory.

If you eventually realize success from the above steps, the trick is to repeat the process in the future. However, you may also find that next time you have more money to play with as your previous successful construction projects get you more attention and possibly more funding.

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