10 Best Places to Buy Custom Shade Sails

Shade sails provide an easy way to set up shade for places like parks, shopping centers or dining areas. When designing and constructing these areas, you must consider where shade structures will be installed. Depending on your construction goals, however, standard shade sizes and materials may not fit your needs, and you’ll need to find the best custom shade sail retailers to meet your unique demands.

There are many custom shade sail companies to choose from today, and the best depends on your specific situation. With that in mind, here are some of the most reliable custom shade sail stores for your next commercial building project.


The best custom shade sail company is USA SHADE. This Texas-based manufacturer has been in business since 1991 and has since produced over 300,000 custom shade products. In addition to custom sizes, colors and shapes, USA SHADE supports a wide variety of shade types, including arbor sails, butterfly wings, multi-panel tents and two-post hip structures.

The sheer variety and customizability of USA SHADE’s product line makes it an optimal choice to find shade for any commercial project. Many of these shades also carry warranties of up to 10 years, ensuring their reliability.

2. Custom Shade Sails

Custom Shade Sails is another reliable option. Like USA SHADE, Custom Shade Sails offers a diverse product range, including three fabric types and options for three to more than five corners. The manufacturer also provides extensive support documentation to help you find the ideal design for your project’s needs.

All Custom Shade Sail products use computer-aided design (CAD) to verify the measurements. This automation ensures higher product quality in the same way building information modeling (BIM) does for your projects. The company also offers design services, which can be helpful if you are unsure what would work best on your project.

3. ColourTree

In addition to producing some of the best custom shade sails on the market, ColourTree runs an in-depth blog documenting how to design and install shades effectively. The company also provides 24/7 customer service and a money-back guarantee.

ColourTree emphasizes its shades’ UV-blocking capabilities, claiming to be higher than the industry average. Considering skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., this feature is hard to overlook.

4. Maanta Outdoor

The previous three entries on this list are all U.S.-based companies, but Italy-based Maanta Outdoor also deserves attention. Lead times may be longer, given the supply chain distance, but Maanta has a commitment to quality and precision. Consequently, they may be an ideal supplier if your project is not yet underway.

Maanta offers a semi-automated configurator tool to automatically calculate your measurements and costs if you have a design in mind. The company also provides free design support if you prefer to have expert help.

5. Tenshon

Tenshon may be an optimal custom shade sail company if you prefer U.S.-made products. This manufacturer operates out of Arizona and can produce custom sails in as little as three business days. These fast lead times are all the more valuable for jobs running behind schedule.

While Tenshon only provides one material — high-density polyethylene — it supports a wider variety of shapes, colors and structure types. The company also offers extended warranties on most of its products and a considerable body of support documentation.

6. Shade Sails Online

Many custom shade sail companies started as brick-and-mortar stores, but fully online options are also available. Shade Sails Online is one such business. As an e-commerce native, the company emphasizes speed and convenience, including free shipping and instant quotes.

Shade Sails Online primarily targets consumer markets, so it may not offer the support some construction teams need. Still, it does not mass produce any of its products, ensuring a better fit to your unique demands. It has less material variety than some other providers but provides one of the widest color selections.

7. Shade Sail World

Another fully online source for custom shade sails is Shade Sail World. Despite being based in Australia, Shade Sail World promises three-day turnarounds and seven-day shipping to ensure you get the protection you need quickly. The company also offers an impressive variety of sizes, shapes and installation options.

Something to note is that Shade Sail World manufactures all its products in China. While that does not indicate anything about their quality or safety, some businesses may be wary about this connection. Tariffs and sanctions against the nation have increased in recent years, so some firms may want to keep it out of their supply chain.

8. Shade Sails LLC

Shade Sails LLC is a U.S.-based alternative if you’d rather work with a domestic supplier. While Shade Sails’ selection is not quite as extensive as Shade Sail World or some other competitors, it still offers over 200 color, shape and size combinations. It also provides multiple material options — ideal for projects with unique environmental hazards.

The Texas-based manufacturer also has a design service specifically targeted to the construction industry. This support is valuable not only for getting protection for your workers and equipment but for installing sun shades as part of your project.

9. Covers & All

Covers & All is another of the best custom shade sail companies for a native e-commerce experience. Although this company focuses on consumer markets, it can still be a reliable source if you don’t require anything too extreme.

While Covers & All has fewer color and structure options than some others, you can choose from multiple materials. All custom shade products also come with a two-year warranty. The site also sells covers for vehicles and equipment, which can help protect more of your machinery on the worksite when not in use.

10. Coverstore

Coverstore is an affordable and user-friendly alternative. Like Covers & All, it is largely a B2C business, which means pricing tends to be lower. However, you sacrifice options for that convenience.

Custom shade sails from Coverstore only come in three shapes, four colors and one material. Consequently, projects in more extreme conditions should consider another supplier. Still, Coverstore can be an easy and inexpensive option if you do not require anything particularly large, strong or of a certain color.

What to Look for in a Custom Shade Sail Company

You can find the ideal custom shade sail company for your project by first outlining your needs. Consider how much area you must cover and where you can place support columns. Next, decide on UV protection requirements.

The optimal shade sail supplier will also meet your time and support demands. Projects already underway or nearing their start may want to sacrifice price for a faster lead time. Alternatively, you should prioritize reliability and cost-effectiveness over delivery speed if you have enough time. Regardless of your schedule, you should work with a supplier that offers enough customer support to meet any knowledge gaps in setting up this equipment.

Find the Best Custom Shade Sails for Your Next Project

Shade sails are an attractive addition to a building and a crucial protective measure against the sun. Once you know what shade structure is best for your project, you can find a manufacturer that meets your demands. Start with this list, outline your needs and find a custom shade sail company today.