2015 Construction Marketing Survey Results

Survey ResultsTo further understand current marketing plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. In 2015, will you increase or decrease overall marketing activities and budgets?
2. What traditional marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2015?
3. What Internet marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2015?
4. What lead generation marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2015?
5. What construction industry trend do you anticipate will impact your business most in 2015?
6. How do you classify your company?
7. What is the approximate size of your company?

1. Approximately 93% of respondents said that they would be increasing marketing activities in 2015.

Construction Marketing Budgets 2015

2. 73% percent of respondents will be increasing branding efforts in 2015, followed by email marketing, PR, and advertising. On the other hand, channel marketing efforts are expected to decrease the most in 2015.

Traditional Marketing Tactics CMA 2015

3. The top Internet marketing activities are expected to be website development, social media, and search engine optimization with more than 80% of respondents indicating they would increase these activities in 2015.

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Internet tactics Increase

Internet Tactics Decrease

4. Local search engine optimization and sales prospecting are the top lead generation marketing tactics expected to increase in 2015.

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Lead Generation Increase Construction

5. When asked what construction industry trend would impact their business most in 2015, respondents said:

Construction Industry Trends 2015

6.  31% of respondents are in construction services, 22% commercial construction, 16% distributor/supplier, 13% building products manufacturer, 9% homebuilder/remodeler, 6% equipment/tools manufacturer, and 3% architectural/engineering.

Company Type

7. This year, the Construction Marketing Outlook respondents came from a variety of companies:

Company Size Construction


How do these results compare to 2o14? View the 2014 Construction Marketing Outlook results to see changes from last year.

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