2018 CMA STAR Awards – Winners Announced

CMA STAR Awards Winners 2018

Winners of the 2018 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards are announced by program sponsor, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA).

The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories. SUPERSTAR and STAR (first place/second place respectively) are awarded for each category or sub-category. CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR recognizes top winning brands or companies by region. AGENCY OF THE YEAR recognizes the marketing agency with the most awards. Finally, BEST IN SHOW is bestowed on the winner of the most effective entry.

AIR CONTROL SYSTEMS won BEST IN SHOW with a total of 4 SUPERSTAR Awards. CARPENTER CONTRACTOR TRUST won CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR – East Region with 12 STAR Awards (8 SUPERSTAR). ENESPRO PPE won CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR – Midwest Region with 6 STAR Awards. SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS won CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR – South Region with 4 STAR Awards, including a SUPERSTAR award for the most competitive category, Integrated Campaign. ACUMATICA won CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR – West Region with 6 STAR Awards. ER Marketing won AGENCY OF THE YEAR with a total of 15 awards submitted on behalf of clients, for the third year in a row.

“Our eight annual Construction Marketing STAR Awards continues to grow in both quantity and quality,” states CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown. “Digital and video entries were extensive, reinforcing the effectiveness of these tactics. While traditional branding won top honors.”

2018 STAR Award winners are notified by email and mail, and receive a frame-quality certificate. In addition, winners can order an engraved STAR Statuette™ from the same manufacturer as the Oscar®. CMA’s annual STAR AWARDS are open to both members and non-members. View 2018 and past winners in a dedicated gallery website: www.cmastarawards.com. Following are 2018 STAR Award Winners by category:


Award Category Sub-Category Winner
Best in Show  Air Control Systems
Construction Marketer of the Year East Contractor Carpenter Trust
Construction Marketer of the Year Midwest Enespro PPE
Construction Marketer of the Year South Southland Holdings
Construction Marketer of the Year West Acumatica Construction Edition
Agency of the Year ER Marketing


Award Category Sub-Category Superstar Star
Integrated Campaign Southland Huttig
Advertising Print – Campaign Demilec Werner Ladder
Advertising Print – Trade Pub. Demilec
Advertising TV Carpenter Contractor Trust
Advertising Online Banners Acumatica DuraServ
Brand Identity Logo Air Control Systems Wood Haven
Brand Identity Rebranding Air Control Systems
Brand Identity ID Manual / Guide Schimenti CC
Brand Identity Stationery System Air Control Systems Enespro PPE
Brand Identity Environmental Design Air Control Systems
Brand Identity Vehicle Graphics Demilec
Collateral Catalog Enespro PPE
Collateral Brochure(s) Enespro PPE
Collateral Annual Report Carpenter Contractor Trust
Collateral RFP/Proposal Schimenti CC
Collateral Case Study Carpenter Contractor Trust Delta S
Collateral Tech Bulletin Collaborative Aggregates
Digital Marketing Website Klein Tools Metal Partners International
Digital Marketing Website/Contractor Schimenti CC MillerClapperton
Digital Marketing Website/Remodeler MyOnlineToolbox – Chris Riggins Const. MyOnlineToolbox – Razzano
Digital Marketing Website/Association Carpenter Contractor Trust
Digital Marketing Microsite Huttig/Masonite
Digital Marketing Blog Stellar
Digital Marketing Email Huttig Acumatica
Digital Marketing PPC Overhead Door
Digital Marketing Animation Atlas Roofing
Digital Marketing Social Media Barton Malow Co. – The Mega Slab
New Product Launch Knaack Enespro PPE
Photography Location Haynes Group
Photography Product Enespro PPE
Publicity News Release Contractor Carpenter Trust Enespro PPE
Publicity Articles Contractor Carpenter Trust Delta S
Publicity Community Affairs MillerClapperton Atlas Roofing
Promotions Contests Huttig/Masonite
Social Media YouTube Rapid Materials
Social Media Instagram Rapid Materials
Trade Show Event Marketing Acumatica
Trade Show Event Promotion Acumatica
Trade Show Exhibit Graphics Acumatica
Video Product Atlas Roofing Acumatica
Video Corporate Southland Metal Partners Int’l
Video Project Contractor Carpenter Trust Contractor Carpenter Trust
Video Builder/Remodeler MyOnlineToolbox
Video Employee Shapiro & Duncan
Video Training Contractor Carpenter Trust Stellar
Video Testimonial Contractor Carpenter Trust Shapiro & Duncan
Merchandising Display BASF Tremco
Merchandising Planogram BASF
Channel Marketing Overhead Door
Employee Communications Recognition Program Southland
Employee Communications Newsletter Haynes Group Lakeside Industries
Employee Communications Training Manual Southland
Employee Communications Recruitment Contractor Carpenter Trust Shapiro & Duncan
Employee Communications Mobile App Contractor Carpenter Trust SAK Const.


The 2019 CMA STAR Awards will get underway in February, with the entry deadline in September and winners announced December 1. For more information, visit the CMA awards subpage: www.ConstructionMarketingAssociation.org/Awards.cfm.

CMA STAR Award Winner 2018

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