3 Must Haves for Any Multi Location Construction Business

Construction Business

Operating a single business location is extremely challenging. Operating a multi location construction business in an era in which you have to try and convert online shoppers into paying customers? That’s next-level.

While the challenges may seem endless, there are several concerns that must be prioritized. In this article, we will explore how an all-encompassing website, elite shopify store locator, and clear set of operating procedures are must-haves for any multi location construction business. 

1. An All-Encompassing Website

It may be tempting to create a website for each one of your store locations. However, this is likely to do more harm than good, as it runs the risk of fragmenting your business’ brand.

Therefore, the best bet is to create an all-encompassing website that unifies your company brand and conveniently redirects customers to specific store locations for further information. This can be accomplished through separate landing pages for each store, but if your business features only a handful of locations that are in a relatively close geographical region, it is often best to simply list them right on your main landing page. This allows users to quickly see the different store location options and plan which branch to visit based on the hours listed. 

Other critical features of a website for a multi location construction business include:

  • Mobile compatibility – contemporary buyers are obsessed with their cell phones and mobile devices, with the craze only set to strengthen in the coming years. In fact, Forbes indicates that mobile shopping will increase by 68% as soon as 2022, so it is critical that your business’ website is intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and avoids side-to-side scrolling and hefty login requirements for mobile shoppers.
  • Include maps – as many shoppers are browsing on their phones, they may actually be en route to making a purchase. Having a map or other navigation features could be the difference between completing a sale to an interested client and having them leave your site in frustration when they cannot pinpoint the location.
  • Have robust visuals – before visiting a physical location, customers will likely want to come to a purchase decision from what they have seen online. Therefore, high-definition pictures, videos, and interactive models of all products and services are must-haves for a construction business’ website. 

2. A Top-Notch Store Locator Page

Store Locator Page

While the store locator could have been included with information about the website, it is of such critical importance that it merits a section of its own. When operating any type of multi location business, it is highly likely that customers are more familiar with your brand than they are with where to buy. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the guesswork out of this process and swiftly guide them through your sales funnel and into a store to make a purchase.

Successful dealer locator pages for construction businesses will have a few characteristics:

  • Customer engagement – this will provide the foundation for ensuring that customers never leave your website to seek more information, giving them everything they need to locate your products and dealers. It will provide branded local pages to include details like showrooms, design services, project photos, videos, and any other pertinent information relating to your business and offerings.
  • Conversion features – once leads are ready to make a purchase, it will automatically capture their information and route them to the nearest dealer. Integrated lead workflows send immediate follow-ups, oversee dealer responsiveness, and help close more sales, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome for both your business and the dealer. 
  • Analytics reporting – the best dealer locators will use closed-loop reporting to tie website leads to local sales. This will help your business track each client’s customer journey, from website lead to sale closing with a local vendor. This will help your business see which campaigns are most effective and help guide future marketing tactics. 

3. A Clear Set of Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures

One of the great challenges of operating a multi location construction business is keeping your brand and company image consistent from location to location. While steps can be taken to establish your brand by thoroughly training new employees and promoting from within, businesses experiencing explosive growth will face significant challenges in this realm as new locations open.

Therefore, it is critical that company leadership establish a clear set of operating procedures to help guide management at each of the business’ separate locations. From employee breaks to handling customer complaints, you want the process to look the same from location to location. Statistics show that it can take up to two years to win back a client after a single bad experience, so you do not want a negative encounter at one location to preclude customers from doing business with you somewhere else. 

The 3 Most Important Factors for a Multi Location Construction Business

There are myriad concerns for a multi location construction business that must be carefully juggled to ensure company success. Among these, an all-encompassing website, robust store locator page, and clear set of operating procedures are 3 must-haves for multi location construction businesses to thrive in a competitive hybrid commerce environment.