3 Reasons why Asbestos Surveys Are Important

Construction materials containing asbestos were in used in Britain until 1999 when asbestos was prohibited. As a result, many buildings today still contain asbestos material which does not present a danger unless the material that contains it gets damaged.

Poor maintenance could also potentially cause asbestos fibers to contaminate the air, which, in turn, may present a serious health hazard.

The risk greatly increases during house repairs, remodeling or renovation, and in case no measures are taken, residents and workers may be exposed to asbestos.

In order to assess the risk asbestos may pose, a duty holder in charge of the building must conduct a survey to collect information and help provide a clear risk assessment. Asbestos surveys are essential to the proper handling of asbestos material and making sure it does not pose a risk to the living environment.  

We will guide you through a list of main reasons why asbestos surveys are important for the safety of your home.   

Risk Assessment

Asbestos has been banned in most countries today but it was used extensively in the construction industry in the past. If inhaled, asbestos fibers could cause lung cancer, as well as other serious diseases.

The greatest danger is when there is no proper risk assessment so that residents can unwittingly get in contact with the material that contains asbestos. Another thing to keep in mind is that the older building is, the greater the risk of deterioration, which in turn could cause asbestos getting released into the air.

Even under normal circumstances, house occupants could potentially damage the material that contains asbestos and this is why surveys are important for pinpointing the potentially hazardous material and making sure nobody comes in contact with it.


If you’re planning to redesign, remodel or rebuild your home, remember that conducting an asbestos survey is the best precaution against asbestos being released into the air.

The main aim of the survey is to establish the presence of materials containing asbestos so that the building remains safe for remodeling.

Safety should be among your priorities, especially if you’re aware that asbestos material is present in the building.

An asbestos survey should be conducted by professionals able to handle the inspection safely, following all the necessary security measures.

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It’s The Only Way to Identify Asbestos

Without conducting a survey, there is no other way to determine the presence of asbestos. An asbestos survey is the only way to identify materials that contain asbestos, as well as assess the risk it could pose.

Under the current regulations in the UK, individual property owners are required to ensure proper management of asbestos, which includes risk assessment for asbestos-containing materials. Employers and landlords are also under the obligation to ensure safety against asbestos exposure. Failing to do so may cause a serious health hazard.  

An asbestos survey is a best and most reliable way to protect both yourself and the people around you from the danger of asbestos exposure.