3 Tips to Choosing an Angle Grinder

When it comes to the time to stock your home with equipment and power tools, the angle grinder is definitely one of the top tools that cannot be forgotten. The angle grinder will be used for all your cutting and polishing needs. There are many types of angle grinders available on the market and this means that you have to consider a number of things before you choose the right grinder. You can read the reviews to learn more about the best angle grinders available for purchase.

Here are 3 tips for choosing an angle grinder:

1. The size of the disc

The head or the wheel is one of the first things one needs to consider when they are buying an angle grinder. This is also known as the size of the disc of the grinder. The more powerful the motor, the bigger the disc should be. Therefore, depending on your cutting and grinding work, you should buy a grinder with the right disc size for convenience. It is also important that you choose the size of the disc based on the precision of the work you are undertaking. A grinder disc the size of the pneumatic grinder would be better for the grinding jobs that require more precision. You should know that the grinder discs are available in many sizes. There are some that are just 4.5 inches and others can be as big as 9 inches.

2. Power and speed

It is important that you consider the powering of the grinders and the speed at which the grinder rotates. This is considered in revolutions per minute. There are grinders that are powered by electricity, compressed air, and petrol. As such, you need to be aware of your power source so that you can buy the right kind of a grinder that suits your needs. Angle grinder disks rotate at 5000 to 10000 revolutions per minute. One thing you need to know is that the higher the number of revolutions, the more effective the grinder will be. There is also the issue of the load speed. Typical load speeds are between 700 and 12000 revolutions.

3. The handle

The handle of the grinder is another very important aspect of this tool that you should consider. When working with power tools, it is always important that one ensures they are safe in the handling of the tools. You should consider buying the grinder that has a handle that can be adjusted. This makes it easy for you to use both hands while you are grinding and cutting. Even for the people who use one hand, they may still need to use both hands in future handling of the grinder. Therefore, they should consider a grinder with an adjustable handle. It should also have anti-vibration features for ease of handling the tool. Other than the adjustable handle, ensure that it also has a guard that can be adjusted. The purpose of this guard is to protect you from the debris and sparks that result from cutting materials.

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