4 Benefits to Building a Split-Level Home

It was in the mid 20th century when split-level homes began to be built, but it found its popularity around the 1970s. Also called a tri-level home, this style of house calls for staggered floor levels. The stairs are usually two short sets, with one set going up to the bedrooms and the other going down to the basement.

While it was popular decades ago, less and fewer people look at the split level as the design for their homes. They have not realized that there are many advantages when they consider this design for their future homes.

This type of design can work anywhere, whether they want to build a home in the United States or to build a home in Newcastle, Australia, the split-level home can be built anywhere. Check out just some of the advantages below so that you will be convinced of the benefits of the split-level home.

1) You will have plenty of space even with limited land

Everyone wants to have ample space for their future homes. The home should be a place where families can relax together, but that cannot happen when you have limited space. If you’ve purchased a piece of land but find that it is too small for the ranch style home of your dreams, the split-level is perfect for you. Even with limited land, you can have space for your kitchen and living areas, the bedrooms, and even a basement.

2) It is more affordable 

Of course since it is being built on a smaller lot, it will be a lot more affordable than other designs.  Home builders know just how important budget is, and with the split-level home, you will be able to save a lot of money and use that for other things that you would not have been able to afford if you opted for a larger design.

3) The design allows for a separation of space

If you’ve had the experience of living in a studio type home, you will never take for granted just how important private space is. The split-level homes allow for an open design in the common areas like the kitchen and the family room. But just a half flight of stairs away, the bedrooms will give each family member more privacy. You get the best of both worlds, an open area where you will not feel claustrophobic but a compact space that won’t require you to walk so much. The stairs are also great for families who have older people as they would not need to go up to such a long flight of stairs which could be a risk for those who have lesser mobility.

4) The upkeep is not too difficult

It’s not very expensive to maintain the beauty of a split-level house. Its simple design also means that not a lot of maintaining needs to happen. Even with just a fresh coat of paint, you’ll be able to give your house a new look without spending too much on renovations.