4 Modern Kitchen Ideas

So, you are planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future,  but you want more than just the traditional design and ideas? The kitchen is considered the heart of the home so you want to make it look inviting for not just your family members but your guests as well. If you are out of ideas, you might want to go with a modern concept instead. Here are some design ideas you might want to consider.

1. Open concept

If you’re the type of cook who does not want to be left out of the conversations happening in other parts of the house, you might want to consider an open layout. It can even improve the feel of your home. But aside from that, it can also make it more comfortable to work in the kitchen. With an open concept, the walls and doors that separate the kitchen from the rest of the house are torn down, leading to a great room which will include the kitchen and the living room. This is a great concept when you like to gather with friends and family and you can make cooking a group event.

2. Minimalist design

If you want a basic kitchen that still looks aesthetically pleasing, go with a minimalist design. This means that you just keep the basics and whatever it is you really need in the kitchen. You might also want to stick to certain color palettes, such as white or gray in order to give off that vibe of simplicity. Too many colors make it too busy. You can start with a clean, white kitchen then just add accent colors here and there. Make sure to change your fixtures so that it complements the style that you are looking for. You can check out https://kitchenfaucets.reviews/best-modern-fixtures  for some of the best fixtures in the market today.

3. Industrial style

For something a little different, go for an industrial style. You can achieve an industrial style kitchen by adding elements of stainless steel here and there. Aside from stainless steel, other materials you can incorporate include reclaimed wood or even concrete or bricks. For concrete, you can leave them bare and not paint them anymore. Open shelving is also a good idea, add an element of pipes to make it more industrial looking.

4. Smart kitchen

If you want an ultra modern kitchen, don’t just stop with the design. Load up your kitchen with some appliances that have been equipped with modern innovations in technology. You can choose the appliances that you can even control using your cellphone. or through Alexa. You can invest in ovens that are multi-purpose, able to do baking broiling and even steaming. There are some refrigerators that not only have a touch screen, but there is even a camera inside the fridge. This way you are able to see what’s inside and find out what ingredients you are missing. This is super convenient when you make a trip to the grocery and you have forgotten your grocery list.