4 Tools That Are Helpful to Have When Cutting Drywall


Drywalls have significant benefits from a normal plaster wall installation. One is that you do not usually have problems installing it.

If you have experience in DIY projects, then this will not be a challenge. You can call in a professional installer for a few consultations; however, installing a drywall is something that you can learn to do. Besides that, the drywall serves as a critical component to your home’s infrastructure.

Now, you may require installing something extra on the wall. That will push you to get the appropriate tools; otherwise, you will be destroying the wall and may make more work for yourself in the long run.

What are some of the tools that one should get to complete a drywall project?

1. Drywall cutting knife

It is the most common tool for simple DIY projects. You will find a variety of them in the market. You will only need a few bucks to get one for yourself.

The good thing about the knife is that you are free to change the blade, which sits safely within the arm when not in use. All you have to do is snap the blade’s arm whenever you require using the knife. It is the best tool to use when you want to make straight cuts on the wall.

Only draw a line using a ruler to assist you to get accurate lines. Beware of the blade at all times; it is advisable that you wear some gloves during cutting.

2. Drywall cutting saw

People also refer to it as a jab saw, alligator saw, pad saw, or the keyhole saw. It resembles the cutting knife only that now it has some teeth on the cutting blade.

Other characteristics of this tool are that the blade is long and the handle comes in various forms including the rubber handle. It may not offer precise cutting like the knife; however, electricians and plumbers use it to install sockets and water outlets through the wall.

Note that the saw is affordable and durable. That means that you will use it for years.

3. Cutout Rotary tools

Have you ever wondered how electricians make holes on such walls without having to make unnecessary depths within your wall?

Well, the answer lies within this category of tools. It is not one tool but many types, which can be useful depending on your project. The thing is, you will have to install the most appropriate bit to guide you while cutting within the wall.

Note that they come with a motor, which makes it quick while drilling through the panel. Additionally, the user has to hold the device with both hands to prevent wrong cutting.

4. Reciprocating saw

Professional constructors need to have this tool because of its strength. Reciprocating saws are the perfect tools for large projects.

They can do multiple demolitions since they come with an inbuilt motor that facilitates cutting. To avoid destroying electrical wires and water pipes, the user can lengthen or shorten the blade depending on the length that he or she wants it to reach.

It is also fast, and one should handle the tool using both hands for a perfect cut.


For those DIY enthusiasts, it is vital that you have a combination of powerful tools within your arsenal. To get the best reviews, visit ToolTally.com to keep you informed on the best tools available in the market.