5 Essential Excavation Attachments for Construction Sites

Excavation Attachments

Once you purchase an excavator for your construction business, you’re well on your way to performing a wide range of tasks efficiently. However, the excavator won’t be the only thing you need to purchase to achieve optimal productivity. You might also need to buy many different excavator attachments. 

With dozens of options on the market and only a limited budget to work with, you might be curious about the most important attachments you need to buy to get business underway. Many business owners start with some of the following: 

Crusher Bucket

A crusher bucket from a leading excavator attachment supplier like Aussie Buckets can be a must-have attachment for businesses working with heavy construction materials. They’re designed to crush a wide range of materials to more manageable sizes, such as asphalt concrete, bricks, concrete, and general construction waste. 

Most of the best crusher buckets have high-performing axial piston motors for reduced fuel consumption and plenty of power for increased efficiency. They are also affordable and versatile for many tasks around the average construction worksite. 

Orange Peel Grab

If your business works with loose materials like scrap iron, paper, cardboard, and general waste, an orange peel grab can be a helpful excavator attachment to have. With 360-degree rotation and hydraulic cylinders, operators can use these attachments to pick up materials with precision, accuracy, and speed. 

Depending on the brand, you might also be able to enjoy features like advanced hose protection for construction worker safety, integrated cylinder guards for 360-degree protection, and hardened pins and bearings for extended life. 

Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Time is money, and the less time you spend on tasks that don’t make you money, the more time you can spend on jobs that do. That’s why many construction companies see the value in hydraulic quick hitches. 

Rather than spending countless hours changing out attachments each time you move to a new job, you can effortlessly change between them with a quick-hitch device. Some of the best hydraulic quick hitches feature high-quality carbon steel, check valves on the cylinder to prevent attachments from dropping off, and reinforced welds for peace of mind. 


If your construction business markets itself as cost-effective and efficient, you’ll likely want to own a ripper attachment. Rather than breaking up hard-packed materials by hand, which can be time-consuming and costly, you can attach a ripper to your excavator and use it to break up or scarify asphalt, rocks, tree roots, roads, and hard-packed materials. 

The high-strength steel and wear-resistant plates help them cut through hard materials with ease while also being capable of handling extreme strain. The best rippers even have reinforced gussets for the most ripping force, reinforced welds, and 1045 high-quality carbon steel for long-term integrity. 

Compaction Wheel

Many business owners trying to save money prefer to purchase compaction wheels for their excavators rather than buying vibrating trench compactors. They’re designed to work in a wide range of soil conditions, suit machines of all sizes, and can be helpful in challenging terrains. For example, they can compact materials sensitive to vibrations, such as clay soils, as well as cohesive soils, which typically stick together rather than compact. 

Whether you’re new to construction business ownership or you’re on the hunt for attachments that will make daily operations easier, don’t look past these excavation attachments above. You might be surprised at just how much more productive your construction team can be.