5 Gift Ideas For Tradesmen

gift ideas tradesmen

Tradesmen are involved in numerous activities that majorly are handled heavy and manual jobs. This wide array of services includes repairing house interiors and developing structures to dealing with general maintenance duties for buildings. A tradesman’s main responsibility focuses on company regulations and policy compliance, particularly when building structures for their clients.

With their specialized and heavy nature of work, you may be interested in offering them a token of your appreciation. To help you out, below are practical gift ideas for tradesmen. 

1) Tradesmen Shirt

A perfect and practical way to express gratitude for your tradie’s dedication is to gift him a tools of the trade t shirt or any non-iron statement shirt. Shirts are an easy, straightforward present that can literally be paired with any bottoms. A trade shirt can also be a useful way to draw the attention of their prospective customers. Totally a win!

2) Magnetic Wristband

Regardless of the tradesman’s current project, losing a fastener is cumbersome and it can disrupt his flow of productivity. Thus, to make a tradesman’s work less frustrating, a magnetic wristband can be an excellent present for him. 

Tiny pieces such as screws, nails, pins, and the like can be tightly held by the magnetic wristband. No more rolling bits across floorboards as the tradie can safely keep them on his hand.

Moreover, choose a design that’s made from a durable, breathable, and water-resistant fabric such as polyester. Additionally, it would be great if the magnetic wristband has small pockets to securely hold other tiny parts and pins. This is a brilliant gift to give, especially when they’re working in areas in which they need both of their hands-free to work.

3) Tool Bag

Every tradesman has a lot of tools they need to carry from one project to the next. Considering this, it’s crucial for them to have a sturdy bag that can safely hold their varying devices

A spacious, quality tool bag with multiple pockets will allow them to easily access and organize their trade accessories. Also, it would be excellent if it’s a portable tool bag which can easily be grabbed by on-the-go tradies. 

As you offer a present to your tradie, he may be delighted to provide you tips ranging from roofing repairs, exterior maintenance, plumbing techniques, and the like. 

4) Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial to help tradesmen stay focus, energized, and productive all throughout their shift. With this in mind, you may choose to buy your tradie a stainless steel, handy water bottle to encourage him to drink more water. 

Considering their nature of work, tradesmen may usually prefer coffee to stay alert and energized while doing their work. However, by gifting him a water bottle, he may be reminded to drink water rather than consuming energy drinks, sugary beverages, and other dehydrating drinks.

5) Radio

Nearly everyone likes a bit of music during their work. Whether a tradesman works on a construction site, workshop or local center, you may gift them with a handy radio to brighten up their busy day to listen to music. 

To maximize it, opt for a radio that can withstand a few minutes of rain exposure. Look for excellent sound quality speakers which allows your receiver to conveniently listen to music, news, entertainment, and the like while on site. 

Moreover, choose a high-tech radio which can also be controlled remotely via any Android or Apple device to stay connected.

The Takeaway

You might get overwhelmed when hunting for tradesmen-worthy gifts; nonetheless, whether you think of giving a tradie a creative, handy or practical present, know that he will appreciate the thoughtful gesture that you put into it to make them happy.