5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Builders

Hire Commercial Builders

Whether you’re a business owner investing in a brand-new office space, or a landlord looking to expand your portfolio with some custom-built retail offerings, you may be wondering what kind of builder is best for the job.

The process of building a commercial property is very different to the construction of a residential home; sourcing a specialized commercial building firm is likely to make the process go much more smoothly than hiring the first builder to return your call.

The following are some benefits to hiring commercial builders over traditional home builders:

1) Specialized knowledge

First and foremost, experience is key in any major project. Although in most US states, a residential builder can complete some commercial works within a certain scope, a commercial building firm will have completed countless similar projects in the past. 

From regional zoning laws, to the optimal placement of electrical outlets, a commercial builder will draw on a wealth of experience to advise you on how to best utilize your space. 

A commercial building firm such as Diversified Construction will also have an invaluable network of other specialists, who can advise on any issues that may crop up over the course of the project. If any do arise, using a tried and tested network of professionals to rectify them allows you to be confident that you’re getting only the best quality service. 

It’s important to investigate any builder whose services you’re considering availing of. If a builder has been involved with substandard builds in the past, take your time and find someone more reputable with stellar feedback.

2) Dedicated project managers

When you have a large project such as a new commercial property in the works, it’s only natural to feel stressed and want to be kept proactively updated. Commercial builders are more likely than your run of the mill home-building firm to have dedicated project managers, which can be a huge relief for anxious customers. Your own personal project manager will be your single point of contact from concept to receiving the keys, and they’ll likely be able to answer any questions you have along the way. 

Regular meetings with your project manager can keep you up to date on the progress of your build, and any concerns that you have can be immediately investigated by them, negating the need to contact customer service options. 

3) Managing budget expectations

One of the most frustrating complications of major building projects is budget creep. It’s a common occurrence to be presented with a quote for the finished project upfront, only to have various issues or delays cause additional costs that you weren’t expecting. National average construction costs in the US increased by approximately 4.94% between 2019 and 2020. Now more than ever, unexpected building costs can be disastrous for a customer with a tight budget. 

One benefit to using a commercial builder is their ability to apply prior experience and knowledge during the build preparation stages, to ensure that your quote is as realistic as possible. By completing adequate pre-build inspections, thoroughly checking floor plans, and reviewing zoning laws, a commercial builder can advise you on any potential extra costs before the project even begins.

If a potential issue becomes evident, an experienced builder can also advise you on any alternative action that they could take to save you money.

4) Comprehensive skill sets

Commercial builders are highly experienced in all facets of building commercial properties, which means that they have all the necessary skills for whatever type of property being built.

A reputable commercial builder will have the ability to perform any commonly required activities throughout the build. If there’s a skillset or piece of equipment required that your builders don’t have, then they can source whatever they need from their own network of professionals. This seamless integration of professionals enables your builders to get the job done without asking you to source a third-party contractor, thus preventing a delay in construction while a specialist is found.

5) Contract protection

A well-written contract will lay out clear responsibilities which a commercial builder is more likely to abide by, as well as any reparations due your way if the contract is breached. A commercial builder will have no problem producing a fair contract to confirm everything that’s important to you, including an expected schedule, the cost of the project, and how any unexpected changes to the scope of the build will be managed. (4)

Having a clear contract protects you from many predatory construction practices, and demonstrates that your builder is committed to your positive experience over the course of the build.

It’s important to carefully review any legal agreement that you enter into; take your time, and have it checked by a lawyer if you’d prefer. 

Final thoughts

On the surface, commercial and residential builders may appear to provide the same service. In reality, the skill sets required to build homes and businesses can be quite different, as can the level of care that you receive from the building firms themselves.

When selecting a contractor of any description, it’s important to carefully review their customer feedback and then decide whether or not they’re right for the job.

To ensure that your commercial property is completed efficiently, by experienced builders with a wealth of knowledge, consider using commercial builders for your next project. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.