5 Tips to Finding the Best Apartment in Nashville

If you’re a newcomer to Nashville, you definitely want to find a place to stay so you can enjoy the culture, the place, and the people. There are a lot of temporary housing, hotels, and vacation rentals that you can check out. But for those looking to stay long term, you can look at the many apartments available, from luxury Nashville apartments to the simple ones.

Moving in to a new place can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you’re not yet familiar with the area. In Nashville, you can be sure that there’s a lot of hustle and bustle every day with all the food, music, and bars around. So if you want to cover a lot of ground on apartment hunting, take a look at these five tips on how to find the best apartment.

Prepare a checklist. Having a checklist allows you to be organized and by writing down what your priorities are when searching for an apartment, you can stay focused. This typically includes your budget, distance to different establishments such as to your school or to your office, transportation, type of neighborhood, safety, noise level, pet-policy, other fees, and amenities and features to name a few. Having a checklist also makes it easier for you to compare your results later.

Look for discounts. Many apartments offer discounts to new residents. You can check out sites online or directly check with the apartment office to get more information about these offers. Some of these discounts offer one to two months free rent under certain conditions while others offer freebies or offer special rates.

Know the neighborhood. Doing your research about the neighborhood names and locations is a big help in your search for an apartment. This will let you know about the happenings in and around a particular neighborhood. Some neighborhoods might be highly urbanized while others feel less urban. In the same way, you’ll also find out which neighborhoods are ideal for families, students, young adults, and singles. There are urban and walkable neighborhoods, residential and culture-rich, bar-hopping, and have it all neighborhoods.

Visit before moving. It would be a good idea to visit Nashville first before deciding to move in. This is so you’ll get a feel of the place and be able to explore it like a local. This will also give you a preview of what the place has to offer and if it meets your needs.

Read before you sign. If you think you’ve already found the best apartment, don’t be in a rush to sign the lease. Read it first and make sure that all the details are clear. Ask whatever questions you need to ask such as if the utilities are included in the monthly rent and how to pay for them, what are the restrictions when it comes to guests, pets, and smoking, and other questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a renter. And make sure that you check every inch and corner of the apartment as well as every appliance and fixtures to be sure that everything is in good working order.

Moving in to a new place is an exciting experience. So head on down to Nashville and we’re sure you’ll find a place that’s right for you.