5 Ways A Construction Business Can Gain Online Exposure

Construction Business Online Exposure

Online exposure is getting more important now more than ever. It’s an essential part of business sales and marketing to reach more audiences across any geographic area in different age groups. So, it’s no wonder a construction business can also gain benefits from increasing their online exposure.  

The construction industry needs a digital transformation to meet the infrastructure needs of the future amidst the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. That’s why improved online exposure is a must to thrive and succeed in a construction business. 

In this article, you’ll learn the best ways a construction business can gain online exposure. 

1) Implement Effective Lead Generation  

What is lead generation? This marketing technique involves producing prospects using different strategies, including digital marketing. Increasing leads involves boosting your online presence through the following tips: 

  • Identify Your Target Audience: Create an ideal buyer profile or buyer persona to get a clear picture of your audience’s interests, personality, needs, and wants.  
  • Create A Sales Funnel: You can funnel your prospects to a landing page or a standard form, encouraging them to provide their contact details. In return, you can give a reward, such as a free sample, a coupon, or a gift. 
  • Use An Email Newsletter: Once you’re in contact with leads, nurture relationships to lead them through a sale and become loyal customers. Achieve this goal through consistent communication via an email newsletter. 
  • Work With Digital Marketing Experts: Increase your search engine, and social media leads by working with a trusted digital marketing agency. You can go over at this website if you’re looking to generate more leads for your construction business.  

2) Be Active On Social Media  

Being active on social media would increase your construction business’s online exposure. Homeowners and commercial property owners are also active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media networks. You probably have seen several construction companies with social media pages where they advertise their services.  

Here’s how you can be active in social media to increase your online exposure: 

  • Highlight Projects: Post your portfolio, such as before and after photos of your home remodeling projects on Instagram. 
  • Be A Social Media Resource: Publish a tutorial video to teach basic construction knowledge, such as siding repair and sealing roof cracks. Also, you can answer construction-related queries in social media forums. 
  • Create Brand Ambassadors: Encourage social media followers to share your posts and ask their family and friends to follow your page. In return, you can offer your brand ambassadors a discount when they’re availing your services.

3) Digital Branding Using Your Company Logo 

When starting a construction business, branding starts with creating your company logo and marketing strategies. Your company logo serves as your online identity. It’s going to be seen in your website, social media profiles, and product and service listings. 

Make your company logo more noticeable by: 

  • Creating A Unique Logo: Ensure you’re not creating a copycat logo, but avoid generic logo elements too. You can check some sample logo designs for a construction business with a professional logo designer. 
  • Including Your Company Theme: Include your company colors, mission statement or any other relevant graphic element that can represent your construction company.  
  • Make Your Logo Visible: It’s important to make your logo visible to increase consumer awareness, not only through digital channels but also through offline marketing platforms, such as office displays, flyers, and your construction company’s business card.

4) Implement Local SEO 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to boost your local web presence. Implementing local SEO involves using relevant directional keywords that point online users to your construction business, increasing your search engine ranking, traffic, and leads.  

For example, if your construction business serves clients in California, your SEO strategy should include keywords that have the term ‘California’ to make your content viewable to online users based in the area. Along with SEO, make sure to create unique, interesting, and helpful web content to appeal to your audience and increase unpaid or organic traffic. 

5) Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a mobile-friendly website attracts online users because they can easily navigate your website using smartphones, tablets, or other internet mobile devices. Making your website faster, more intuitive, and user friendly involves programming, web hosting, and scripts. If these things are too technical for you, contact a professional web designer and developer to help you. 


A construction business can increase their online exposure by practicing the best lead generation strategies, such as creating an ideal customer persona and encouraging web visitors to sign up in your newsletter. Being active on social media channels and creating a great company logo help make your construction business more appealing to your target audience and promote word of mouth and referral marketing.

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