A/E/C Marketing Best Practices – Webcast Summary

types_of_aec_marketingThe September 22 webcast was our top attendance! Not surprising with our blue chip panelists. Marketing of architectural, engineering or construction (A/E/C) services is highly specialized. The webcast identifed what A/E/C marketing approaches work best.

Deborah Hodges, A/E/C veteran, Executive Director of the Construction Writer’s Association and former SMPS President shared strategic marketing analysis techniques, and how to profile customer targets.

Wendy McBay, Marketing Director at Reed Construction Data, and former building products executive described how to use construction lead services for marketing and business development.

And Hope Wilson, A/E/C veteran and consultant detailed how to target the government for construction project opportunities

Construction Marketing Association Chairman Neil M. Brown highlighted results of an industry survey including marketing types, most effective and least effective marketing initiatives, and how marketing is measured. See Types of A/E/C Marketing chart above.

The panel developed and presented the Top 10 A/E/C Marketing Best Practices, per image below.


Finally, a number of A/E/C marketing resources were shared including construction lead services, and white papers on lead generation, marketing planning and government marketing. A construction email list and free marketing grading service was provided from Construction Marketing Advisors.

The presentation deck and white papers are free to Construction Marketing Association (CMA) members via the Resource/Databank page. Non-members can purchase these items via the events archive subpage.

Please comment on your A/E/C marketing best practices below!

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