Awards Deadline–CMA STAR Q&A–Final Entry Sept. 21

CMA AwardsThe 2012 Construction Marketing STAR™ Awards and  Construction Marketer of the Year™ Awards final entry deadline is fast approaching this Friday, September 21!  Interest is boiling over for both construction companies and manufacturers that market to the construction industry. So to help you make the award entry deadline, we bring you CMA STAR Awards questions and answers, or Q&A.


Following is a list of some of the common questions we have received regarding the 2012 CMA STAR awards program!

Q) Can I still submit a award?
A) Yes, the early entry deadline has passed, but the final entry deadline is this Friday, September, 21!

Q) What if I cannot complete the award submission by 9/21?
A) You can pay for your entry or entries by the deadline and complete your submission by October 1, 2012!

Q) What if I do not see an exact marketing category for our project?
A) The 2012 CMA STAR Awards are expanded to 16 categories, and 78 sub-categories encompassing many marketing and communications types. If you do not identify a category, you can call CMA for assistance (630-868-5061), or enter as Other, with a detailed description and CMA will place the submission in the most relevant category.

Q) What are the award submission questions and what is the criteria for judging award submissions?
A) Each submission requires answers to just 3 questions: 1) What is a brief description and objectives?  2) What is the strategy or HOW was the marketing executed? and 3) What were the results?  Judging criteria is based on how well each of these questions is answered for a given sub-category. One SUPER STAR, and one STAR award are awarded for each sub-category. To view the award submission form, link here.

Q) Do CMA members have a better chance in winning?
A) No, all entries are judged based on the entry itself and the answers to the questions. CMA members do pay a lower entry fee, and sometimes non-members register for CMA membership to get the lower fees.

Q) Can I see the submission form, or send it in later?
A) Yes, after credit card payment the submission form will open in your web browser. You can upload one or more entry files in the form. Alternatively you can access a PDF version of the award submission form and simply answer the same questions in an email or word doc, email or mail along with samples of your submission.

Q) Can I see examples of past CMA STAR Award winners?
A) Yes, a list of past winners is available on the CMA website, or link to Winners here. We also share examples of CMA STAR winners in blogs after last years competition, including 2011 Best-In-Show, and 2011 Construction Marketer of the Year.


Still have questions?  Check out the CMA STAR Awards pages.  Ready to submit? Enter here! Don’t forget – the final awards entry deadline is THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21!

Please share this post with others who you feel should submit their excellent marketing projects to the Construction Marketing (CMA) STAR Awards. Also, if you have any additional questions to those listed above, be sure to use the comment box below, or call Heather Hawes at 630-868-5060!