Environmental Consulting

Hazardous Waste Management: How Environmental Consulting Can Help

With rapidly growing industries and development, hazardous waste management has been a significant concern for a long time. Proper waste disposal plays an integral role in human health and environmental conservation.  Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals and substances can increase the risk of severe diseases like cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and tetanus. It also poses a threat to wildlife and the…
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Engineering in harsh environments

5 Design Considerations When Building In Harsh Environments

As an industry, engineering is always about adaptability. After all, no amount of high-grade construction can stand the test of time if it doesn’t survive its environment. Engineering in harsh environments poses a distinct set of challenges that call for innovative and robust design solutions. This article delves into the five most crucial ones, such as military shelter systems and…
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Eco-Friendly Construction

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Construction

As we suffer from climate change and temperatures rise over the years, we must adapt our lifestyles. Recently, the focus on sustainable living has increased. Sustainable living refers to incorporating environmentally friendly policies. Construction and building are significant areas where we need to introduce sustainable practices. While construction practices have not been environmentally friendly, going green has several benefits for…
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indoor air quality

Proper Ventilation: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an issue of increasing concern. An Environmental Protection Agency test found that 96% of American homes have indoor air quality problems. These findings made the agency declare indoor air quality among the top five risks affecting public health. Indoor air pollution has several detrimental effects, such as aggravated allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, and severe health…
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Essential Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification that aids in improving building performance and reduces the impact on the environment. It provides guidelines to create an efficient and sustainable built environment that encourages market competitiveness and public health improvement. People are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint. LEED’s Five Main Categories LEED certification verification means a building…
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energy efficient

5 Best Practices Of Energy Efficient Buildings

As a commercial building proprietor, it’s recommended that you adopt energy-efficient solutions for your establishment. It’s not only for the sake of saving costs on monthly electricity bills but also for being a responsible and eco-friendly business entity.  You can boost your company’s public reputation too. It’s said that many modern businesses today are shifting to greener initiatives, and customers…
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Deconstruction and Reuse: The Future of our Built Environment

Have you ever watched a building come down? I’ve seen everything from a neighborhood of large block tenement buildings blown up, to a small cottage being crunched by a bulldozer in an hour. It’s kind of exciting in many ways, and rather distressing in others. What’s exciting is the power of our machinery to move that much material in such…
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