Choosing the Right Size Dumpster For Your Next Project

choosing the right size dumpster

Every construction project results in waste that has to be eliminated to create space for free movement of people and things. The trash is usually created when certain structures are demolished. If such waste is left on the site, it can make your project to lose its appeal and attract pests such as rats and crickets. In fact, heaps of trash usually creates an impression that a project is not yet complete. Besides that, such trash can trigger certain accidents when work is in progress.  

A dumpster therefore comes in handy when you need to clear the waste that is left during a home renovation project. Since buying a dumpster costs an arm and a leg, most homeowners prefer to rent because it’s a bit cheaper. On the other hand, selecting the right size of a dumpster can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time to rent one. Here are some tips that can guide you in understanding dumpster sizes.

1. Size your Project

Your choice of a dumpster should be guided by the size of your project. Small projects such as bathroom remodeling generate minimal amount of waste and therefore require small sized dumpster trucks. The worst mistake that you can make is to choose a dumpster that’s too big or smaller than the volume of waste that you want to dispose. Settling for a smaller dumpster will cost you a lot of money in terms of fuel consumption because you will have to make multiple trips. While a bigger dumpster is always better, keep in mind that the company that rents them out will definitely charge you more money. This is because the price of renting a dumpster varies according to size. If you have a big project, it’s advisable you settle for a bigger dumpster so that you can finish disposing the trash in a few trips. You must therefore maintain a balance by avoiding hiring a truck that’s either too big or smaller than what you need for your project.

2. Consider the Size of Dumpster

Dumpster trucks come in various sizes that are usually measured in yards. The smallest size of a dumpster usually measures 10 yards, which is equivalent to three pickup trucks. This size of a dumpster is normally recommended for small renovation projects such as bathroom repairs. The size is also ideal for roofing repairs that don’t exceed 1,500 square feet. The next size of a dumpster measures 20 yards and is ideal for medium sized projects such as deck repairs. There are also dumpsters that measure 30 and 40 yards respectively. These dumpster trucks are recommended for huge projects.

3. Compare Prices

Like mentioned earlier in the article, dumpsters are usually priced according to their sizes. Besides that, some companies will charge you on hourly basis. This means that the less time you spend using the dumpster to carry trash, the less money you will pay. On the other hand, the prices that are charged by different dumpster rental companies tend to vary by a great deal. Some companies will charge too much for a small dumpster while you can get a bigger truck at the same price elsewhere. You should therefore compare the prices of various rental companies and pick the one that’s budget friendly.

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