Construction Marketing Outlook 2013 – Survey Results

Construction Marketing Outlook Survey Results To further understand the construction marketing outlook for 2013 in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. For the coming fiscal year, do you intend to increase or decrease marketing activities and budgets?

2. What is your most important marketing priority for 2013?

3. What marketing tactics will increase in 2013?

4. What marketing tactics will decrease in 2013?

5. Do you develop an annual marketing plan?

6. Do you develop a strategic marketing plan?

7. Do you develop a marketing budget?

8. If so, what type of marketing budget?

2013 Marketing Outlook Survey Results


Marketing Outlook 2013

76% of construction professionals intend to increase their marketing activities and budgets in 2013. On the other hand, 16% plan to decrease their marketing activities and budgets in 2013, while only 8% expect it to stay the same.


Marketing Priority 2013

Branding (33%), Internet/web (15%), and lead generation (15%) are the top marketing priorities for 2013. With 6%, new markets, networking, and events are the bottom three priorities of those listed for 2013.


Marketing Outlook Increase

68% responded they will increase social media marketing efforts in 2013. Also, PR is expected to increase with 63% , and branding and Internet with 61%. If you are still unsure about social media, check out How Construction Companies Can Leverage Social Media.


Marketing Outlook Decrease

Overall, respondents are decreasing traditional marketing tactics in 2013. Direct mail usage is going to be decreased by 32% of respondents. Also, advertising is being decreased by 32%, promotions by 26%, and trade shows by 24%. However, direct mail is still a viable marketing tactic! For more information, read Is Direct Mail Dead?


Annual Marketing Plan

71% of respondents develop an annual marketing plan, while 29% do not.


Strategic Marketing Plan

71% of respondents also develop a strategic marketing plan, while 29% do not.


Marketing Budget

Most construction professionals, 82%, develop a marketing budget, while only 18% do not.


Marketing Budget Type

32% of respondents develop marketing budgets based on a combination of the budgets above. 26% use a task and objective budget, 13% use a percentage of sales, 11% use a percent increase/decrease, 10% use none, and 8% use zero-base.


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  1. Joanne Costin

    Thanks for the survey, I was wondering how many companies responded.

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for this. It is really interesting and very much inline with recent targets set by our company.


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