Construction Marketing Training Programs Available

The Construction Marketing Association offers a number of marketing training programs to association member companies, each developed by  experts from our Construction Marketing Institute.  The programs are  delivered on-site, at your offices. Choose from our popular programs below, customized to your company. Or request a (free, no-obligation) consultation to determine a customized training program that addresses your unique requirements. For more information, or questions, email Marketing Training.

Construction Marketing Training

Following are some of our most popular marketing training programs:

• Turnaround Marketing consultation. For companies experiencing severe sales issues. Includes interviews with key stakeholders, team problem solving and strategy definition, along with tactical planning, action assignments and more.

• Marketing Fundamentals for Non-Marketers, construction market emphasis. Includes evaluation of existing marketing programs, recommendations for marketing initiatives, and guidance for implementation across the marketing mix. Includes a handbook with step-by-step, how-to guides to all relevant construction marketing tactics including Internet, advertising, publicity, social media, channel marketing, sales tools and more. Also covers product development and new product launch.

• Marketing Planning and strategy support. Includes evaluation of existing marketing programs and structure, competitive analysis, team development of objectives, strategies and tactics. A complete and usable marketing plan with action items, assignments, schedules and budgets is submitted within 5 days of the team exercises.

• Social Media for construction markets. Includes category/competitive analysis, evaluation and critique of existing social media, review of sales and inquiry-generating best practices using social media, tips for measuring social media, and how-to, step-by-step implementation of corporate and brand blogs, social media profiles including FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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  1. Shane Smith

    Can you describe the marketing training for non-marketers? Who is this designed for? What are rough costs of the program?

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