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Top 400 Contractors


ENR’s 2009 Top 400 Contractors ranks the 400 largest General Contractors by 2008 revenue. This is a comprehensive package of data and analysis that contains the previous year’s rankings and percentage of revenue by market. The list also ranks the largest firms in a wide variety of market sectors as described below. There is also a statistical summary of the 2009 Top 400 “at a Glance” by markets and regions. Companies are ranked by construction revenue in 2008 in $ millions.

Bonus Addition: This electronic edition of the Top 400 Contractors includes two supplements. “Subsidiaries By Rank” includes in-depth listings of each firm’s subsidiaries and “Where the 2009 ENR Top 400 Contractors Worked – by Country” lists the countries in which these firms had work or offices in that country during 2008

The ENR Top 400 Contractors listing includes the following information *:
Rank (1-400) in years 2009 and 2008, Firm Name, City, State, 2007 Total Revenue (total and international), New Contracts ($), Markets (% of 2007 Revenue): General Building, Manufacturing, Power, Water/Sewer Waste, Industrial/Petro., Transportation, Hazardous Waste, Telecommunications, CM-AT-RISK % of Revenue. This edition also includes an alphabetical index of the Top 400 Contractors.

* Company telephone numbers and email addresses are not included in The ENR Top 400 Contractors listing.

Included in this issue are rankings in different market sectors:
  • The Top 20 Hazardous Waste
  • The Top 20 Industrial Process/Petroleum
  • The Top 20 Power
  • The Top 20 Transportation
  • The Top 20 Telecommunications
  • The Top 100 Contractors by New Contracts
  • The Top 50 in Domestic General Building Revenue
  • The Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors
  • The Top 50 Contractors Working Abroad
Bar charts:
  • Buildings Sector Loses Market Share
  • Middle East/Canada Move Up As Top Market
  • Petroleum Market Continues To Dominate

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  1. Griffith Wirthlin

    Thanks for the list. Great contractors surpass their value. A contractor can make or break you. Especially sewer contractors. I’d be sure to check it against your lists.

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