Mike Rowe Is No Expert, But He Knows Where to Find Them

Construction_Marketing_Association_Mike_Rowe_tradeshubAfter being an apprentice on nearly 300 dirty jobs, Mike Rowe is still no expert, but he sure knows where to find them. In 2008, Mike launched mikeroweWORKS (mrW), a website dedicated to championing the cause of hard workers and reinvigorating the skilled trades. Since then, mrW has provided resources, news, and a community forum for folks from all kinds of trades. Now, with the launch of the Trades Hub, the goals of mrW can be expanded even further and across many more website portals.

Think of Trade Hubs as a “first cousin” to mrW. With this new platform, we’ll be able to pull together, even more, experts from such diverse trade fields as construction, plumbing, landscaping, manufacturing, machinery, and HVAC  just to name a few.

Here’s what you can look for at the Trades Hub:

More High-Quality Content: The mrW Trades Hub will be pulling together all kinds of blogs, articles and news stories relating to the trades, by the trades, and for the trades. They will be updated throughout the day.

One Stop Shop: With an easy to navigate the site, users will be able to quickly source out those areas of interest that appeal to them on any given day. The links will take them right to where they want to go without sorting through all kinds of search engine pages for the right site.Construction_Marketing_Association_Mike_Rowe_tradeshub2

Finding the Diamond in the Rough: When you consider the millions of new pages and posts uploaded across the internet every day it’s hard to find the best representations for your interests. Trade Hubs takes internet searching to the next level by identifying those popular blogs and websites that might normally go unnoticed if you’re not a regular subscriber.

Building Up the Trades Community: “The skills gap is a real concern that’s getting more worrisome every day.  Fewer skilled tradesmen in the workforce will affect us all.  Younger folks need to have a better understanding of how they can benefit from learning a trade, and parents need to encourage their kids to consider this worthwhile and important path.  mrW strives to reinvigorate the trades.  The mrW Trades Hub will help us in that effort.”

mikeroweWORKS would like to thank Tony Karrer with assistance from John Sonnhalter for their efforts in getting the Trades Hub up and running. A screen shot of the site can be seen below:


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  1. William Johnson

    Hey Brian- a well deserved partnership! Mike is a great guy, an the site is really neat.

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