Social Media in Construction 2013 – Infographic

Construction InfographicIn September 2013, the Construction Marketing Association conducted the second annual survey of construction professionals regarding their use of social media. The following questions were asked:

1. Do you employ social media in your marketing program?

2. If yes, do you manage social media marketing internally or outsource?

3. What social networks do you employ? Check all that apply

4. Do you employ blogging?

5. Have you utilized paid advertising on the following networks? Check all that apply.

6. What social media is MOST effective in achieving results?

7. What social media is LEAST effective in achieving results?

8. What results have you achieved via social media marketing?

9. Which category best describes your company?

Below are the results of that survey in infographic form. The infographic also highlights comparisons with our 2012 survey results.

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Social Meda in Construction 2013


Thanks to our participants! For more details, view the: Social Media Summit 2013 – Webcast Summary.