Social Media Summit Webcast

social media summitOn Thursday, September 22, 2016 (1 pm CST – 2:00 pm CDT), the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) is hosting a webcast on the social media marketing strategies and best practices in the construction industry.

Registration is free for CMA members and non-members. Click here to register for the Social Media Summit Webcast.

Brian Stokoe, Caterpillar Content Marketing Strategy Manager, will be a featured panelist on this upcoming webcast, as well as Kevin Enke, Bosch Power Tools Group Brand Manager-Digital.

Neil Brown, CMA Chairman, will share both the results of the national survey on social media marketing and a Social Media Top Ten List.

CMA Chairman, Neil Brown, states “Social media is certainly a critical element in the modern marketing mix. Our webcast panelists and survey results will identify best practices and share tips for effective implementation.”

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ABOUT Brian Stokoe

Brian StokoeBrian, currently Content Marketing Strategy Manager, has worked in a variety of marketing roles at Caterpillar, Inc., for more than 15 years. For the past five, Brian has led Caterpillar’s social media program and recently has taken a broaderrole to drive content marketing strategies for the organization. Brian helps marketing teams develop strategies to present and distribute content that helps customers and positively impacts business. Brian has spoken at a number of events on social media strategy and content marketing. He holds a BS-Marketing from Bellevue University. Brian is a CMA member.


ABOUT Kevin Enke

Kevin Enke is Bosch Power Tools Group Brand Manager-Digital. His experience includes retail, independent (hardware) co-op,  lumber yards and industrial supply. His teams have won awards for packaging and merchandising from GDUSA, Home Channel  News Golden Hammer, National Hardware Show and NRHA. Kevin oversees BeThePro contractor community, winner of  multiple CMA STAR Awards. He serves on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) national board of directors, and Retail Sub-Committee. Prior to Bosch, Kevin had marketing roles at Square D, ISR, Marketing Support (agency), and Wilton Industries. He holds a Bachelor degree from North Central College, Naperville, IL. Connect with Kevin in LinkedIn.

About Neil M. Brown

Neil Brown is Chairman of the Construction Marketing Association. He has been CEO of numerous marketing consulting and  creative agencies for the past 15 years, managing some of the biggest brands in the construction sector including Emerson  Electric, USG and Bosch Tools. Prior to the agency-side, Brown was a brand manager at electrical products marketing powerhouse IDEAL Industries, and later CMO of an architectural metals manufacturer. Neil is a frequent speaker, author and  contributor to BtoB magazine, Advertising Age, Marketing Week and the Construction Marketing Blog. He holds a BS–Marketing from Southern Illinois University, and an MBA from Northern Illinois University. In 2012, he published the book, Tools of the Trade: Modern Marketing for Construction Brands.