Storage Units: Are They Worth Buying Or Building?

storage unit

The solution to the dilemma of whether to build or buy a storage unit usually depends on the location and one’s personal requirements. 

As an intending storage owner, having a well-thought-out plan before either purchasing or constructing is essential. Finding the best and most cost-effective storage units is among the most crucial considerations. To help with the difficult choice, factors such as understanding the precise usage for the storage units and the benefits and drawbacks of buying versus building will be helpful. 

If you’re eager to begin working on your first storage unit but unsure of where to start, keep on reading below.

Purpose Of The Storage

Storage units serve an array of purposes. Some of them that you should know about are:

1. To Help Regular Travelers

Depending on their line of work, some people travel frequently. With this, their lives revolve around their work, so having storage units might be quite beneficial to them. Under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to carry everything they need wherever and whenever. But by acquiring a storage unit, they know for sure that their belongings will be secure until their return. 

2. To Serve As Extra Storage During Remodeling Projects 

Storage units come in handy during remodeling processes. Be it residential or for commercial purposes, they’ll probably be required in some cases. 

Up until the renovation is finished, having a storage unit will assist in keeping everything orderly and in great condition, as dust and mold are the last things anyone wants to see cover their furniture and equipment. A plus side is that unused construction materials can be safely stored for future purposes. 

3. For Commercial Use

To store their goods, supplies, materials, and inventory relevant to their businesses, many business owners look for storage units. All types of business owners, including entrepreneurs of all stripes, frequently require additional room for their inventory. As they’d have to pay a hefty sum to rent a larger office, a more cost-effective option is to get storage units. The choice to purchase or construct a storage unit in this situation will depend on your budget and the unique needs of your company.

4. For Relocation  

Moving can be very stressful, and occasionally, homeowners can get storage units to help offset this stress. Getting a storage unit will help one reduce the stress of relocating to a new house. It’s a simple solution for people with plenty of belongings who can’t bring them all at once. This solution is equally helpful for those who are in the process of downsizing. 

5. Storage Units Are Helpful For Decluttering/Keeping Things That Don’t Fit

In this case, you also have the option of purchasing or building a storage facility as you proceed with the downsizing process. This way, individuals may gently browse through their belongings without having to throw anything away while simultaneously maintaining a tidy home. 

While items like boats, RVs, motorbikes, trailers, and other items that stand out are equally good reasons to acquire a storage space, as larger storage units can be built or bought for the long-term storage of automobiles. 

Pros And Cons Of Buying And Building

By figuring out the precise purpose of the proposed storage unit, you may move forward and strategically weigh your options between buying and building. Here are a few pros and cons to help you make a more informed choice.

Benefits Of Building Your Own Storage Units

The following are said to be some of the advantages of building your own storage units:

  • For business purposes, one can construct to satisfy new requirements and industry norms. 
  • Instead of paying for any commercial worth, you only pay for the land and renovations. 
  • One has complete control over the design and building processes and may create the ideal facility by directing every step of the process. 
  • One can construct in stages and keep including additional sections in common sizes as the need arises. 

Drawbacks Of Building Storage Units

The following are believed to be some of the disadvantages of building your own storage units:

  • Many excellent settlements lack the land or zoning necessary for construction. 
  • It’s quite difficult to obtain financing when building for business purposes.
  • Building requires more time and labor than purchasing. 
  • By default, the building is more volatile and riskier than purchasing. 
  • The building process consumes a lot of time and materials. 
  • If you want to develop in phases, there may be circumstances that prevent you from moving on to later phases because of unavoidable developments or zoning restrictions. 

Benefits Of Buying Storage Units

Buying storage units is an option that has benefits. They’re:

  • With a decent price, buying is significantly faster than building.
  • Pre-existing storage units can be upgraded. Technology, compartments, temperature, and decking are just a few areas where one can improve things.

Drawbacks Of Buying Storage Units

The purchase of storage units comes with a number of banes including:

  • One might not be able to purchase the ideal storage unit of their desires. 
  • It can be logistically difficult or financially unfeasible to expand purchased storage units.
  • Business owners who purchase the storage unit’s business entity may or may not be able to avoid paying higher property taxes.

Keep the points discussed above to help you out in choosing whether you should buy or build your very own storage unit. 


Hopefully, the decision is less difficult now that the pros and cons of purchasing and building have been compared in the discussion above. Weigh your options by looking into the different considerations that you’ve got in mind such as storage use and purpose before coming up with a decision. All the best.