What You Need To Know About Solar Solutions for Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Solar technology is not a new concept. Developed in the 17th century, this technology has made a significant impact in both developed and developing countries. In the last few years, however, solar power has become tremendously popular. 

Technology has enabled many individuals and businesses to invent ingenious ways to make the best use of solar energy such as solar street lighting solutions. The solar street lights that are driven by photovoltaic panels are mounted on tall poles on the streets and these photovoltaic cells charge the batteries and help keep the lights on all through the night. 

If you are looking for a renewable lighting solution for your outdoors, here is what you need to know about solar solutions for street lighting. 

1. Solar Street Lights Incur Minimal Costs

One great thing you should know about solar solutions for street lighting is that they are much cheaper than their traditional street light counterparts. Even though the initial cost of installation is higher, solar street lights are a better investment if you consider the total cost. This is because solar-powered street lights do not require much maintenance and they have a longer lifespan.

2. Solar Street Lights Solutions Have Made Neighborhoods Safer

Unlike the traditional street lights, solar powered street lights do not have wires and this greatly reduces the risk of accidents such as overheating and electrocution. Secondly, in remote villages where conventional lighting is not available, solar-powered street lights have made the neighborhoods safer and residents can engage in economic activities even after dusk. 

3. You Can Use Solar LED Street Lights for Many Applications

Solar LED street lights have many applications and you can use them for both commercial and residential purposes. Solar street lights can be used in airport parking’s, highway roadway lighting, bridge lighting, and industrial lighting. You can also use them to light up your residential compound or the children’s playground. One great thing about solar street lights is that they are pollution free, safe and provide provision for portability. 

4. Solar Street Lights Can Lower the Carbon Footprint of Homes and Businesses

If you are an environmentalist with a passion to protect natural resources in your country, then solar street lighting solutions will delight you. According to the Rhodium Group, greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S rose by about 3.4 % in 2018. The carbon footprint of American households is also five times higher than the global average a situation that is quite alarming. By using solar street lights in your neighborhood and business you can significantly lower your carbon footprint and reduce your street lighting bills to zero. 

5. Compared To Traditional Street Lights Solar Lights Have a Better Life Span

Many conventional street lights will only last for about 5000 hours. In the event of a grid failure, traditional street lights will most likely stop functioning until the power is restored. Solar solutions for street lighting ensure that the streets are illuminated throughout the night irrespective of grid failures and power cuts. Solar street lighting solutions are dependable and will consume less electricity in the long run.