Why Construction Brands Should Consider Pinterest

Pinterest for Construction, AECWho says B2B companies can’t use Pinterest? Why on earth would an architecture, engineering or construction firm consider it? Believe it or not, more B2B companies are finding pinterest to be very effective in their digital marketing strategies. Here we’ll cover tips for using Pinterest to your benefit and give you examples of other A/E/C and B2B companies using it effectively.

What A/E/C Companies Should be ‘Pinning’ on Pinterest

  • Infographics: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but infographics appear to be one of the biggest re-pins, or shares, on pinterest these days. A study from social media expert Dan Zarella of HubSpot shows that ┬álong infographics tend to be repinned more often. Do you have a process you use at your company? Would it be easier displaying this to your customers as an infographic? Go ahead and try it!
  • Construction Projects, Case Studies, White Papers: Have you recently completed a construction project that blew your customer away? Have you written a case study on it? Great! Upload it to your website or blog and pin the cover of that study, white paper or project and link your pin to a registration page. Not only will this interest potential customers but it sends them straight to a registration page for you to pick up more leads and generate more traffic to your website. Be sure to track these conversions using your Google Analytics.
  • Products: It’s worth it to upload pictures of your machinery and tools, and any other products your company offers. Pinterest has expanded its category listing so that ‘Products’ is something you can ‘pin’ to now. Yes, there are tons of consumer products on Pinterest already, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t people looking for B2B products too! Not convinced? Check out what industry leaders like General Electric (GE) are doing by viewing GE’s Badass Machines Board or viewing the picture below:

GE Uses Pinterest as a B2B Company Effectively

  • Company Culture, Tradeshows and Events: Companies like to work with others that they can relate to. Even more, companies are more likely to do business with you after viewing your online social profiles so they can learn about you, your products and services. So, why not show them who you are? Pin examples of various events that your company has created or attended. Show your products in action around the workplace. Pin pictures of your employees at construction sites helping others. Show what you do! Below is an example of a leading architecture firm, Perkins + Will, who uses pinterest in a fun way. They have a board for each of their employees to pin projects and ideas to and also have a completely different account located to their Canada division!

Architecture Firms on Pinterest

Additional Reading

Social Media Examiner did a great job at giving more tips and tricks for B2B Companies using Pinterest. Be sure to read about their Pinterest Tips here.

Please share this post with others who are not quite sure about Pinterest yet, and would like to see how this can be effective for B2B companies everywhere.


  1. Eric D. Lussier

    I agree through and through. My first thought of Pinterest was ‘this is a great visual marketing site’. I have now expanded into posting links to my blog and even the lighter side of work with “Jobsite is Ready”.

    My blog post from March is here: http://ericdlussier.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/its-a-visual-pinterest-to-me/

    And my two Pinterest pages are here:
    http://pinterest.com/advantagesport/ and

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kelsey Nupnau (Post author)

      Hi Eric, Thanks for sharing your examples! Glad to see it being used in the industry.

  2. shirley hancock

    We’ve been toying with this idea as a way to publish our case studies and pictures. Thanks for the article. You convinced us to “just do it”!

  3. PremiereWorks

    I think Pinterest is a great way to show off your past projects. I do wonder if Pinterest will actually bring new possible job leads. Or is it best used from a branding perspective?

  4. Jack Wilson

    Pinterest is the good social media website. Where you can post infographics, share compelling content with image. Now, on search engines most of the results ranking. I also find more results after youtube. Thanks for posting here.

  5. Rempfer Construction, Inc.

    Thanks for the helpful tips! I think this is something that we can definitely start implementing as a local construction company.

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