2014 Construction Marketing Outlook- Survey Results

Construction Marketing Outlook 2014To further understand current marketing plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. For the coming fiscal year, do you intend to increase or decrease overall marketing activities and budgets?
2. What traditional marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2014?
3. What Internet marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2014?
4. What lead generation marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2014?
5. What construction industry trend will impact your business most in 2014?
6. How do you classify your company?
7. What is the approximate size of your company?

1) For the coming fiscal year, 86.8% of respondents indicated they plan to increase their overall marketing activities and budgets, while 13.2% reported a planned decrease in marketing budgets for 2014. Now, more than ever, construction marketers agree on the importance of effective and efficient marketing activities that work within sound budgets.

2) Branding (75.7%) is the top traditional marketing tactic respondents claim they will be increasing in 2014. Email marketing (71.1%) and PR (68.4%) trail close behind in second and third place. Construction professionals’ responses indicate Trade Shows (18.4% decrease) will not be a tactic to purse in the coming year.


3) The majority of construction professionals agree that Website Development (81.6%) will be a top priority in 2014. SEO (78.4%) and Social Media (75.7%) contend for second and third ranking in the coming year’s top Internet marketing tactics. On the other hand, 8.3% of construction professionals will be decreasing their marketing efforts in Mobile Marketing. Construction marketers realize the importance of an effective website and SEO.


4) Local SEO (62.9%) and Sales Prospecting (62.2%) nearly tie for the top lead generation marketing tactic for 2014. Lead Services (41.7%) and Online Reviews (41.7%) causing another tie for third place. Again, it remains clear the importance of SEO to generate traffic and leads.


5) Below in an illustration of the top industry trends respondents believe will most impact the construction industry in 2014.


6) 42% of our construction professionals classified their company as Construction Services. Commercial Construction (29%) and Building Products (14.5%) are the second and third largest companies represented.


7) Regarding Company Sizes, 26.3% of our construction professionals have 1-10 Employees. 23.7% have 11-25 Employees and 21.1% have 26-100 Employees. These statistics demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and experience available for constructing such an effective outlook on 2014.



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