2017 CMA Sponsor Program Announced

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces it’s 2017 Sponsor Program with expanded options and sponsor benefits that allow brands that target the construction industry to reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers each year.

The CMA 2017 Sponsor program offers three alternative sponsorship packages with multiple options, along with the opportunity to customize a sponsorship. Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship packages are available that include sponsor webcasts, email blasts, guest blogs, CMA memberships, Sponsor profiles, and more.

“CMA sponsorship helps brands communicate with construction decision-makers in a vendor-neutral, educational format,” states CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown. “CMA reaches executives, owners, marketers, and business development professionals in all segments of the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sector.”

For maximum benefit, sponsors are encouraged to register prior to 2017. For more information on the CMA 2017 Sponsor Program, link here. Or contact CMA Chairman Neil Brown at 630-868-5061.