5 Marketing Principles for your Construction Firm

Choosing a construction firm, be it a large corporation or a private residence owner, is a very important decision. It needs time, research and careful consideration from the client’s part. Therefore, construction firms need to make all relevant information available to potential customers. They need to anticipate customer questions and needs. A well-planned marketing strategy will not only help your construction firm get more customers, but it will also get you the customers you want. Here are five marketing principles your firm should keep in mind:

1. Smooth internal communication

Often times marketers stay out of touch with the rest of the team. However, this only limits what marketers can enhance, highlight and promote with potential customers. Marketers need to be kept in the loop about latest features, capabilities, team status, and more. To make sure your marketing team has full access to this information, you can add them as collaborators in your construction management software.

If you don’t have one already, you should do your research on lean options that fit your company culture and size. One example is BuildBinder. This construction information software allows small and large teams to upload and share information with internal and external collaborators.

2. Build an effective lead generation funnel

Before you start promoting your construction firm, you should think like your potential customer:

  • What kind of information do I need to know about a construction firm before I hire them?
  • What are the channels I will likely use to do my construction firm research?
  • What are my deepest concerns?

The answers to these questions will start you off in the right direction. Build a lead generation funnel that satisfies these needs.

3. Work closely with the sales team

Your firm’s team is the front runner when it comes to contacting new business opportunities. Make sure that, as a marketer, you keep in close touch with them. Pick their brains, and ask them the following about their leads:

  • What are some of the capabilities they want to find in a construction firm?
  • On average, how lengthy are their projects?
  • How did they find out about us?
  • What kind of information format are they asking for?

4. Outsource tasks

Your company’s core product is not marketing, it’s construction. Therefore, you do not have to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to marketing services. If you are the only marketing resource for your construction firm, feel free to outsource tasks. Choose your marketing agency wisely, for they will be a key partner for your company’s growth.

5. Knowledge is power to the customer and to your firm

Remember, potential customers are doing their due diligence before finally deciding on hiring a construction firm. Give them the tools to answer their existing and future questions. Develop useful content and make it available for your target market. This knowledge can only be put together when your internal team is in constant communication.

Also, open your eyes and ears. Information is a two-way street. Ask your existing and potential customers what they would like to see or hear from your construction firm. Communicate this feedback to the rest of the team and fine tune your construction solutions to meet customer needs.