4 Most Common Workplace Injuries

workplace injuries

According to the National Safety Council, 12,900 work-related injuries happen every day in the United States. From severe back pain to broken bones, workers across different industries and occupations can become susceptible to a wide range of injuries. A person’s workplace conditions and the type of work they engage in cause these risks. 

Likewise, other jobs leave workers more exposed to accidents than others. Some occupations with the most extensive injuries are manufacturing and production, transportation and shipping, service (including firefighters and police officers), and construction. These injuries can leave businesses less productive, have low employee morale, and reduce sales. 

As workplace injuries can be harmful, various businesses should take proper caution to reduce their chances. People must significantly avoid workplace injuries because no worker wants to nurse one while having tasks. Also, no business wants the repercussions it brings on the whole. If you’re a worker with a risky job, it can be high time that you become aware of some work-related injuries that can occur. Doing so can make you be more ready and avoid becoming unproductive because of such possible injuries. 

To start, here are the most common workplace injuries that you should seriously take caution of when you’re at your job.

1. Slip And Fall Accident

30% of lost-time injury claims come from slips, trips, and falls. Common causes are wet, icy, or oily floors, small objects, disarranged furniture such as tables and chairs, and loose carpets. Likewise, a slip and fall accident can occur in any work environment. A regular employee may accidentally fall because of the lack of handrails on a staircase or may slip due to an oil spill in a warehouse. These types of accidents may lead to minor injuries or more severe injuries. Overall, if you want to know what to do in case of a slip and fall accident, then you can read full article here.

2. Vehicle Accidents

When a business is in the trucking industry, there’s always a chance of potential accidents everywhere. It consists of accidents like falling from a car, being hit by objects, being struck or run by a moving vehicle, and getting stuck or crushed under an overturned vehicle. Depending on the severity of such a vehicle accident, a worker can undergo a minor injury, serious injury, or death. 

Likewise, other vehicular accidents aren’t limited to automobiles. They can also include: 

  • Bicycles 
  • Aircraft 
  • Watercraft 
  • Railways 
  • Animals 

Therefore, to avoid these types of accidents, it’s good to examine who’s at risk in the same manner as knowing when and where accidents usually happen. That’s the only time people can more easily establish preventive measures like speed limits and directions.

3. Exposure To Harmful Substances Or Environments

Some work environments use dangerous chemicals and materials. Exposure to these substances severely impacts the staff’s overall health. Moreover, continuous exposure can end in severe health issues like cancer. Likewise, exposure can also come from: 

  • Extreme Temperatures 
  • Noise 
  • Oxygen Deficiencies 
  • Traumatic Events 
  • Radiation 
  • Electricity 
  • Changes in Air or Water Pressure 

Exposures to these environments can be through a single incident or multiple events in the workplace. The effects can also be as serious as exposure to harmful chemicals and can result in expensive injuries like frostbite, cancer, lung disease, and heatstroke. Therefore, keeping the work environment safe must always be a priority. 

Similarly, suppose you experienced exposure to chemicals or unhealthy environments and had undergone injuries because of it. In that case, you may plan for some legal action against your employer. Also, if you experienced exposure to the things mentioned above because of your employer’s carelessness, such an employer may take up the medical expenses you may incur and be responsible for your time out at your job.

4. Overexertion

Overexertion is the no. 1 cause of workplace injuries. It happens when you push your body too much or you’ve been doing a repetitive activity that leads to physical damage. It’s also usually related to: 

  • Improper lifting technique 
  • Manually lifting heavy objects 
  • Bending and twisting 
  • Typing or moving a mouse without proper ergonomics 
  • A collapsing structure 
  • Pulling 
  • Awkward postures 

When overexertion happens, a worker may need to pause from work, have physical therapy, or even pursue surgery to correct the problem. Likewise, an employee may also seek a lawsuit if the employer has not given suitable training, equipment, or breaks.

Bottom Line

Workplace injuries can be pretty common. The kind of job that a person does and the condition of the workplace are factors that can cause these troublesome injuries. In the same manner, other jobs can be riskier compared to others. These specific occupations can leave the person with a disabling injury resulting in loss of time at work. 

As workplace injuries can be harmful, minimizing them is more than necessary. Likewise, if you’re a worker, keeping yourself informed about some of the most common workplace injuries can help you be more cautious about avoiding them. Altogether, some of the most common work-related injuries that you should note are vehicle accidents, exposure to chemicals and environments, overexertion, and slip and fall accidents.