5 Steps to Building Custom Doors For Your Barn

barn door

When building your barn door, you want to make it in a way that makes it easy to operate. You don’t want it too cumbersome or hard to operate. Building a barn door is a process, and missing even a single step may leave you with a door too hard to open and close. So, what are some of the steps involved in building a custom barn door? Read on below to see these steps;

Choosing wood

Choosing wood for your barn door does not have to be hard because you will only need locally available materials. Rough sawn lumber is the most common type of wood used for barn doors because it gives it that rustic look that most barns have. This does not mean that you should use the rough sawn lumber, if you want a different look find a different type of wood which will do the work. Also, before setting out to buy your wood, take measurements for your door to ensure that you get enough material for it.

Choose a design

After you have chosen the type of wood you want, you now want to choose the design of your barn door. Do you want the traditional swing door or would you prefer a sliding one? When choosing your design, bear in mind that some designs may work well for you because of the height and width proportions of your door. Make the internet your friend and look for different designs for custom barn doors.

Building the front bracing

After deciding on the design of your door, you want to begin with putting your ideas together into making a door. You want to have your measurements right and all the tools you need with you. Do you have your two full height side pieces and diagonals? How many cross rails will you need? When building your front bracing, using pocket screws will have many advantages. They prevent separation and keep the joints tight together. Also, you don’t have to worry about the screws showing.

Creating the backboard

When creating your backboard, you want to think of how you want it. Do you want a traditional grooved look or do you want the finish to appear more smooth? When gluing your wood, you want to wipe all the glue that squeezes out before it dries out. You want to ensure that each part is tightly screwed in and that the glue you use is the best type of wood glue you can find.


You have a wide range of options when it comes to the type of finish you want for your barn door. Staining, faux finishes and painting are some of the options you have and additionally, these have different options.

Final sizing and fixing

After your door is ready, you want to make sure that your door size is correct. This is where you make your final adjustments if needed, before fixing the door.