5 Tips to Picking Out New Deco Stones

When it comes to revamping our home and garden, using decorative stones is definitely one of the things that we look forward to doing. After all, it enhances our room and garden setting. We like to add details and textures to our interior to make it more appealing and stylish. Choosing the right decorative wall cladding for your interior can add up to a great overall look and feel to your house.

Here are five tips for picking out new deco stones.

1. Determine the right size and shape

Please note that the size and shape of your room can influence the size and shape of your decorative stones. There are no strict rules about this, but it all comes down to what your preferences are in terms of the design and layout of your room. You may want to inquire with an interior designer or professional who can advise you on this matter. Oftentimes, large deco stones in a small room can make an impression that it is bigger. But sometimes, that is not the case too. You may also check stone cladding and wall tile designs in advance at Deco Stones so you will have an idea of the size and shape that you like.

2. Consider the texture

The texture of your wall cladding or floor tiles can add not only in beauty but also in functionality. The shape and texture of deco stones are intended to imitate the natural appearance of nature such as the rounded and delicate shape of stones in lakes or streams, or rough-textured bricks on earth. That is why having stone or brick claddings in your home tends to make your home look one with nature.

3. Prime the wall

Adding stone or brick cladding to your home is very much like adding makeup to a face. It works better when you do a bit of priming. Before you start picking your deco stones, make sure that your wall has already gone through its required preparation. Make sure to have the wall cleaned correctly using a damp, lint-free cloth or some isopropyl alcohol.

4. Know the different types of material you can use

It’s really up to you on what materials you are going to use for your wall claddings. There are brick and stone claddings to choose from. You also have the option to use wood. A lot of people like to use wood claddings to their home to make it look more natural and cozy. However, the downside is that wood is very sensitive to moisture. Consider this beforehand and know the pros and cons of each material.

5. Do not overdo your design

Picking out deco stones is exciting and sometimes when we choose designs for our home, we tend to overdo it. What’s important is that the color and material that you pick will complement to the overall design style in your room. As a general rule, you would want your material and color to harmonize and blend in together.

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