Promoting Your Construction Business Offline

promoting construction business offline

We are constantly pushing digital forms of marketing – email, SEO, etc. – because of its great potential for exposure and leads. But that doesn’t mean offline tactics are ineffective. When done right, offline forms of marketing can see a very good ROI. Here are some of the most effective non-digital tactics for construction businesses.

Get Published in a Trade Magazine

Trade magazines are a great way to present yourself as a thought leader away from the internet. Research relevant topics and then focus on your storytelling to hold reader attention. Beyond being a great way to build credibility, the readers of magazines tend to be highly relevant to what you’re selling, making them more likely to interact with your brand at some point in time.

Sponsor an Event

Being an event sponsor can be a great way to increase visibility. Trade events, for business, construction, or something related can be great exposure for your business. It also makes you look like an authoritative member within that industry, which will only work to improve your brand’s perception. These events often get some media coverage, further amplifying your message from your participation.

…Or Host Your Own Event

Why sponsor an event when you can host one? Hosting a workshop or some other informative/educational event may be a great way to promote your business as a thought leader. Offer free and exclusive advice, focusing more on the education than selling your brand. You can do a little selling, however, just don’t overdo it. Offer heavily branded educational booklets, tools, pens, or pencils. Present briefly some benefits of your business and how it relates to the education.

Trade Show

Trade shows can be a way to promote your business to an actively interested audience. Get your booth set up and make it eye-catching; you want to entice the attendees to visit you. Plan your trade show marketing and answers to common questions well in advance. Also include contact forms to capture lead information.

Hand Out Business Cards

If you’re attending all these events, it’s of course wise to hand out some business cards to help visitors to remember you. The internet is a black hole of information, making it sometimes difficult to stand out. Contrastly, business card can serve as a great physical reminder of your interaction. Be sure to create a creative card to be truly memorable.

Branded Clothing/Merchandise

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of branded workwear – humanizing the brand, improving customer service, and building pride and responsibility among employees. This acts as one form of non-digital marketing. Branded workwear, like tee shirts may be worn even when they leave the worksite (while on lunch, for example). This brings awareness to your construction firm. Offering clients free stickers, shirts, pens, etc. may also bring awareness. A lot of these branded products are relatively inexpensive to produce. Because of the exposure that your brand may receive when people tote these items, it may be worth the small investment.

Digital is Not the Only Answer to Marketing

There’s a multitude of ways to reach your audience these days, but some oldies still remain very effective. Like your digital marketing, focus on reaching audiences likely to interact with your brand, rather than just focusing on amplifying yourself to as many people as possible. Events, magazines, and extensive branding are great ways for you to stand out, away from the web.