6 Bathroom Essentials to Buy When You Move

1. Towels

It goes without saying that towels are very important in every bathroom. Towels may come in different types and sizes, but they all serve one purpose, and that is to keep us dry. It is, therefore, necessary to have a dedicated towel set for your bathroom which has all essential towels; bath towels, face towels, and hand towels. This set should be one that is affordable and preferably one that has towels that match. This way, not only do the towels serve their core purpose but also improve the bathroom aesthetic.

2. Storage

Storage spaces are another requirement in your bathroom, as they are used to store any toiletries and other necessary items that you may need in the bathroom. Ensure that these storage spaces are easy to reach so that even short people can access them easily. Additionally, you should keep different items on different shelves to make it easy to access the items. Keep soap, toothpaste and tissue paper near the sink for easy access. A toilet should be stored high enough so that they cannot be accessed by young children. Clean towels and robes can be kept on a lower shelf.

3. Toilets

If there is anything that is a must-have in the bathroom, then it is the toilet. The toilet is where people spend most of their time when they are in the bathroom, and so it is necessary to get the best one available. You should get a toilet with an adequate capacity cistern to store enough water for flushes, as well as one that you would not mind spending a lot of time sitting on. Also, ensure that you clean the toilet daily to keep it fresh and to keep bad odor at bay.

4. Shower curtains

Another item that you require in the bathroom is a shower curtain. Shower curtains are important for maintaining privacy for the person in the shower in case the bathroom is being shared. Additionally, a shower curtain also helps reduce wash from the showerhead from getting all over the bathroom floor. You can choose shower curtains of different colors, from traditional solid color ones to modern and trendy multicolored ones.

5. Bath mats

These are some bathroom essentials that are often overlooked. Bath Mats come in different designs and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose; they are all for keeping the bathroom floor dry. The bathmats also help dry an individual’s feet dry after leaving the shower, reducing the risk of slipping on the slippery bathroom floors. As a bonus, the bathmats serve as d├ęcor for the bathroom and can be used to increase its aesthetic.

6. Mirrors

Everyone likes to know that they look good, and therefore we all use a mirror on a daily basis. A bathroom should have a mirror as it is essential for activities like shaving, brushing teeth or applying makeup. A bathroom should have several mirrors, possibly including one full-length mirror, if space allows it. Women may also require a small magnifying mirror that they can use for beautifying purposes.

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