4 Tips to Buying a Prefab Modular Cabin

A prefabricated permanent cabin can be the ultimate dream of a homeowner. Cabins, especially log houses, are unique as they provide a relaxed atmosphere especially when they are in a bucolic or forest-like setting. A modular cabin is warm, inviting and serene which makes it an ideal structure to have where you will be spending time in the sunset years after retirement. Prefabricated modular homes are assembled on a site after being pre-built in factories. This makes them less expensive than traditionally built homes. Here are some tips to consider when you want to purchase a modular cabin:

1) Location

Before you buy a modular cabin, you will need a piece of land to put up the structure. Buy a piece of land that is spacious enough and in an area where land is not too expensive. Modular cabins are more often built as second homes, so you should make sure that it is accessible from your primary home. Choose a cabin manufacturing company that specializes in modular log homes that will create a residential masterpiece for you.

Good companies will construct it beyond your expectations while still respecting your budget. The manufacturers assemble the log cabin kit, which comprises of log walls, windows, roof, and doors. The cabin kit should account for about 40% of your total budget. However, the price can vary depending on the manufacturer or the quality of kit materials used.

2) Preference

One’s taste should be greatly considered when buying a modular cabin. This is because the cabin is yours and you will want it to match with your anticipations. The cabin builder should take into account your preferred size and design, whether you want to make it aesthetic or just functional, and the finishing you like. Finishes include flooring and siding. If you have no clue about great cabin designs, you can always research or look around the neighborhood to find inspiration.

3) Customization

This is very important as far as making your cabin an ideal home is concerned. Ensure that the builder can customize your cabin and add extra features that you want. Maybe you want some rooms such as the kitchen to be bigger than usual, to have a garage, a gym, or a second floor. These tweaks will customize your house and make it more appealing by your standards. Therefore, you should ask your builder if the cabin could be customized should you want to add certain features.

4) Cost

Always consider your budget when buying a modular cabin. Make sure you are financially flexible because there will be many additional costs during the establishment of your cabin. If the cabin cost is above your budget, you can go for mortgages, which will finance the purchase of your cabin. Do not forget that there will be other financial obligations such as taxes, insurance, repair, and housekeeper’s pay, especially if you will be away from your cabin most of the time.