How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

If you’ve been on a construction team or helped out a construction site, you understand the importance of maintaining a functional work environment. While having managers be responsible for overseeing the overall safety is a critical aspect, it’s a team effort and every single crew member needs to do their share to keep the site as safe as possible for everyone. Here’s a step-by-step guide towards getting everyone on your crew up to safety standards. 

  1. Training

Before hiring any construction workers to work on your construction site, ensure that they are properly trained on how to work. The OSHA 10 training will cover protection for specific types of falls, and help construction workers learn how to avoid them for not only themselves but the entire team. It’s also vital to ensure every crew member is properly trained on every piece of equipment they may be using in the area. If a crew member is using a piece of equipment they aren’t 100% sure how to work, that immediately increases the risk of them becoming injured while completing their task. 

2. Communication

Communication is key among any work team but is critical for safety among a construction crew. Crew members need to communicate with each other about any potential risks or safety hazards. A good idea to promote communication is to have a quick meeting or break-out before every work day to discuss the goals of the project, news, and review safety procedures. During these meetings encourage crew members to speak up about any potential dangers and safety hazards as well open a discussion for how your crew feels they can improve. 

3. P.E.T. Safety Decking

P.E.T. Safety Decking is a product to help construction workers safety by creating a stable surface to work in an elevated environment. While placing deck boards, you’ll obviously need something to stand on as you nail them down. P.E.T. Safety Decking created a stable surface to stand on beneath the base that is also conveniently simple and quick to set-up. You might want to consider investing in your own if you haven’t already. 

4. Supervision

A simple way to prevent injuries among your crew is to have on or two supervisors on the construction site at all times. These crew members will know the entire plan of the project and be aware of each day’s goals as well each crew members individual responsibilities for each day in order to achieve those goals. Supervisors should be the go-to person for all the crew members for any questions about how to use equipment, what personal protective equipment to wear, or how to complete a task.

5. Personal Protective Equipment

It is absolutely vital that you that every crew member on your construction site is wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment on a construction site is included but is not limited to, hard hats, fluorescent vests, closed toed construction boots, long thick pants, sunscreen, sunglasses or safety glasses, thick gloves, and knee pads. Personal protective equipment is the easiest way to prevent an injury from occurring on the site. Without the proper protective equipment, you could easily have an injury occur in a situation that never would have happened in the first place had personal protective been worn. 

  1. Clean Worksite

Another easy and simple way to keep your construction site safe is cleanliness. Ensure that all equipment that is not being used is put away in its proper place. Having construction equipment laying out not only increases the risk of injuries by tripping or falling but in some cases may cause damage to the piece of equipment itself. Every crew member plays their own part in keeping the area safe whether it’s wearing their personal protective equipment or simply cleaning up after their lunch.