How construction businesses can utilize esports marketing strategies

How construction businesses can utilize esports marketing strategies

Over the last two decades, marketing has grown into a trailblazer — where utilizing new methods and techniques is needed for any business to stay ahead. With this, each industry has its own set of marketing tools and strategies, where each business finds new ways to grab its audience’s attention. One of the most prominent in the world of marketing has to be the evolution of esports, and industries like construction, finance, and other traditional businesses should take a leaf out of the esports’ book! Construction is one of the oldest types of businesses in the world, and seeing that it is very much needed, there is not usually too much thought put into marketing plans.

However, the world has changed so much that there are now 23,658,714 construction companies across the globe, all competing for their chance at winning a bid on their projects. This is exactly why adopting new techniques is more important than ever — and we are going to dive into the world of esports and take a look at exactly what they’re doing to stay ahead of the curve.

The particular game that we will be investigating is Dota 2, which is an 11-year-old game, created by Valve, that has cemented itself as one of the leaders in esports.

The rise of Dota 2

Dota 2, also known as “Defense of The Ancients 2,” is a multiplayer online battle arena game that was created in 2013. Both it and its predecessor did incredibly well, showcasing brilliant ability in marketing prowess, and showing us how to stay ahead. If you were wondering why is dota 2 so popular — well, the reason that they are so renowned in the esports world today is not solely down to the enjoyment of the game, but because of their simple marketing strategies. We’ve picked apart their marketing rulebook to see how you can incorporate their ideas into your construction business.

1.   Big importance of building a community

One thing that Dota 2 does so well is their community-building abilities. The game thrives on building a community that brings in new players from all over the world — and to do this, they use community events, loyalty rewards, and regular updates through their social channels. This keeps old users engaged and makes them come back for more, while also bringing in new talent to get involved with certain aspects of esports competitions.

How the construction industry can apply this approach: Although construction, real estate, and building as a whole are far away from that of esports, their marketing can incorporate things like building a strong relationship with clients. This can be done through updates, community events, and even pop-up community events, to ensure that you can create a sense of appreciation and a returning customer. Overall, in construction, creating a returning customer is the one achievement that is hard to do — so continuing on the relationship with a proper marketing schedule creates a sense of belonging.

2. Using digital platforms for growth

Dota 2 has been using the likes of YouTube, Twitch, and X (formerly Twitter) for years — and it has helped them in building their brand name, therefore increasing their reach to new players. They use a marketing strategy that adopts a “play-focused” approach, which means talking to the players as if you are one yourself.

How the construction industry can apply this approach: To utilize digital platforms for construction, you must first find your target customer. Conduct a full brand and personal analysis of your business to ensure you get the tone of voice correct, and aim it at the appropriate customer base. Once you have done this, a construction brand can then use social media, YouTube, and webinars to leverage a wider audience. For your marketing strategy, we recommend adding behind-the-scenes content, project walkthroughs, and client testimonial videos — as they bring personality to your social presence and bring in real-world experiences for any potential customers.

3. Create a brand voice and use storytelling processes

Dota 2 thrives on using a brand narrative around the tournaments it holds, the famous player stories, and in-game stories that are adapted all the time. This captivates the audience and makes them excited for what is coming next, which is exactly how the hype of an esports tournament is created.

How the construction industry can apply this approach: An easy way for the construction industry to adopt this level of storytelling into their marketing strategy is to create a simple, yet compelling story relating to construction projects. This can be, regular updates and video footage to show processes — from concept to completion — and can bring potential new clients who have watched the creation of a construction site. By making your marketing strategy human, and adding in the challenges, the highs and the lows, you’ll let potential customers see your success stories and completed projects, which usually results in them wanting to be a part of the process.

We know firsthand how different esports is to construction, but the three core aspects of its marketing strategies could align perfectly with any brand wanting to succeed. By incorporating these ideas and creating a fresh perspective, your brand can grow and get ahead in this ever-expanding industry.