Construction Lead Generation – The Definitive Guide


The new and improved Construction Lead Generation Guide will share the results of our most recent Lead Generation Survey. Importantly, the guide details the current state of the top two services: Dodge Data & Analytics, and ConstructConnect. Next, the guide identifies several other construction lead sources that tend to specialize in regions, type of construction project or service offerings. Finally, other types of leads are identified as traditional, Internet and social media lead sources.

Construction Leads are Important!

Construction is one of the largest, and most competitive markets in the world. Construction is also cyclical with demand changing with the economy. These convening factors make Lead Generation effectiveness critical to construction firms of all types. Whether commercial or residential contractors, architect or engineering firms; along with building product manufacturers (BPMs), equipment manufacturers or dealers. This fact is reinforced by a recent Construction Marketing Association (CMA) survey—2019 Construction Marketing Outlook— which ranked Lead Generation as one of the top priorities for next year.

Recognizing this priority, CMA has conducted ongoing surveys regarding Lead Generation (3 surveys over the last decade). These surveys help us understand changes in the construction marketing landscape, and certainly understand the significant changes in a key aspect of Lead Generation, construction lead services.

Other Construction Lead Services

While Dodge and ConstructConnect are most certainly the big dogs of lead services, there are a number of other services that compete with regional focus, construction project types, service options and pricing models. For details on other lead services, download the Construction Lead Generation Guide here.

Beside Construction Lead Services, there are numerous other sources and types of sales leads. CMA’s How to Measure Construction Marketing Results White Paper identifies over 70 types of marketing measures that fall into such categories as traditional, Internet and social media lead sources.

Managing Construction Sales Leads

Sales Leads in the construction category are no simple tactic. There are many options for generating sales leads or purchasing sales leads from one or more services. Construction firms tend toward the latter (purchase), and may integrate with bidding and related services. Building product manufacturers will likely use a combination of sources, from traditional, internet and social, to purchased leads if their products are speci ed by architects or engineers.

No question sales lead generation is more important than ever. Likewise, what you do with sales leads, lead management, measurement and reporting are important considerations. The holy grail of lead management is tracing a sales lead to the sale and measuring financial return on investment, which can be difficult due to long sales cycles, or channels of distribution.

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