Construction Lead Services Survey Results

Survey Results

The Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey on the use of construction lead services by construction firms of all types, manufacturers, and related. To get a greater insight on the usage of Construction lead services we asked the following questions:

  1. Do you utilize construction lead services?
  2. If no, what is the main reason you do not use construction lead services?
  3. If yes, which construction lead service(s) do you utilize?
  4. If yes, approximately how much do you spend annually on construction lead services?
  5. What is your primary use of lead services?
  6. What is the most important feature of lead services used?
  7. Beside construction lead services, what other types of marketing do you utilize to generate leads?

Do You Utilize Construction Lead Services?

Do you utilize construction lead services

Which Construction Lead Services Do You Utilize?

Lead Services Utilized

How Much Do You Spend Annually on Construction Lead Services?

Total spent on lead services

What is Your Primary Use of Lead Services? And What is the Most Important Feature of Lead Services Used?

Important Feature Use Lead Services

What Other Types of Marketing Do You Utilize to Generate Leads?

Marketing Types Used

What Category Best Describes Your Company?

Company Classification

What is the Approximate Size of Your Company?

Company Size


Thank you to all that participated in our national survey and attended the Construction Lead Services Webcast. In case you missed the webcast, you can watch below. Keep and eye out for upcoming events and our next webcast here.