Create Your Best Construction “About” Page

construction about pages

Customers who view your “About” page spend 22.5% more than those who don’t. If they’re looking over your “About” page, it’s already a good sign, but you don’t want to lose them there. Use your “About” page to further showcase your construction business and explain to visitors why they should consider your firm over others. Here’s some tips that will enhance your page and help you seal the deal with potential customers.

Remember to Highlight Your Value Above the Fold

80% of users’ time is spent above the fold, so if you haven’t captured their attention and sold your value here, you are likely to lose them. Be upfront with them immediately on what makes your business special and give them a reason to keep reading.

Emotions Matter, Even in Construction

Just because construction is more need driven than B2C’s wants, doesn’t mean you need dry, emotionless marketing. Emotions play on potential construction customers just as well as anywhere else. It’s said that an emotional response to an ad is 2-3x more likely to influence the consumer than other factors.

Just think about what you’re selling when you’re selling a construction project. If it’s residential, it’s a home where a customer will grow their family; family and home give you plenty of emotions to communicate. If it’s a business project, then focus on their passion for their business and help them envision the finished product you can create.

Photos Communicate Far More Than Text

Use photos to further drive home the points of your “About” section. Photos not only enhance the visible aspects of the page, they provide support to your claims. Further, it improves the bottom line; recognizable images of the founder improve conversion by 36%.

Oh, and stock images aren’t going to cut it. Real images over stock increased conversion by 45%.

Consider Video

Video is an extraordinarily engaging medium and helps bring your construction brand to life. 59% of senior executives prefer video over text and 7 out of 10 millennials watch videos when shopping online.

Some potential video ideas:

  • Walk-through your company’s history
  • A time-lapse of a construction project from start to finish
  • A behind-the-scenes look at your employee culture
  • Identify some differentiators between you and competitors
  • Testimonials from clients

Customers are Your Best Supporting Evidence

Happy customers? Make sure future customers know. Testimonials increase sales by 34%. Further, 72% of people say positive reviews help them trust a business more. Include both testimonials from your customers and display any positive online reviews on your “About” page.

Make it Easy to Contact You

51% of people think thorough contact information is lacking from “About” pages. Don’t be one of them! Like the CTA button (more on that in a second), contact information gives the customer a way to convert when they’re able to contact.

Encourage Conversion with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Want to improve the likelihood for conversion? Well, a CTA button towards the bottom can increase conversions by 300%. You’ve spent the whole page selling your business, why not capitalize off this and nudge the customer in the right direction?

The Best Construction “About” Section is Informative and Entertaining

Overall, you want to make sure your “About” section is informative – testimonials, some background, contact information, your value, but also entertaining – by using videos and pictures and focusing on emotion. Combine the two, and you’ll develop both trust and an emotional relationship, making it increasingly likely the consumer will choose your business over others.