Expert Interview with CMA’s Chairman & CEO

In a recent interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy, CMA’s Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer, Neil M. Brown, gives expert advice on creating a marketing association for the construction industry.

If you are already a part of the respective construction industry, you either think you know everything there is to know about construction or you may feel like you should never stop learning. Which on are you?

The construction industry draws some of the most talented, analytical minds that society has to offer and if you choose to continue learning, then this interview may just serve you right.

Here’s what Neil Brown had to say:

How did you come to create the Construction Marketing Association?

I founded the CMA in 2010 after realizing that existing marketing associations, including the American Marketing Association, were broad-based and did not have any programs or resources relevant to marketers in construction. So we created one. We looked at existing associations and created our own version that is specifically focused on the construction industry.

As an association, our mission is to educate, train, and provide networking and recognition programs in addition to professional certification. In support of that mission, I’ve created and implemented programs including a series of webcasts, our annual CMA STAR Awards, and our Certified Construction Marketing Professional (CCMP) program.

Who are your most common customers?

We provide marketing services to both construction service firms and brands that sell to construction firms. Depending on the size of the company, we work with the president or a marketing contact. Because of our specialized experience, we work with clients across North America and throughout the world. Brands that sell to construction firms tend to be more sophisticated in their marketing requirements and have bigger budgets.

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the world today, so students and professionals involved in the marketing and construction sectors will find these resources relevant and useful. The scope includes brands that market and sell to the construction industry (ex: building products and equipment manufacturers).

What pro tip would you offer construction companies and/or contractors in regards to marketing their business?

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