Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing for construction

Our 2017 Construction Marketing Outlook survey had some interesting findings. Of the internet marketing tasks construction professionals wanted to increase and decrease, 46% said they wanted to increase mobile marketing, the second lowest priority task. Further, 7.7% actually said they planned to decrease the task, the second highest decrease in any internet marketing task. Despite mobile marketing and mobile websites growing in importance, it seems that construction professionals seem to be less concerned with this task. With the growing use of smartphones, and the abandonment of desktops, it’s important to remember to utilize mobile.

Smartphones are Always On-Hand

Smartphones offer people a convenience that desktops can’t. Smartphones can be looked at anywhere, anytime, without any set up; so it’s no wonder why users are starting to prefer these devices over conventional computers. 79% of consumers have their phone on or near them during every hour of the waking day, excluding 2 hours. So if someone wants to do some quick research, they are significantly more likely to reach for their cell phones. Furthermore, users are spending 195 min each day on their cell phones. So it is undoubtedly an integral part of consumers’ day.

Customers Use Mobile to do their Research

In fact, three-fourths of customers are using cell phones to do their product research. The construction industry is no exception. So if the simple fact that phones are always on-hand doesn’t tell you that customers are using them for research, this statistic should.

Google Favors Mobile-Optimization

Most websites are mobile optimized and Google strongly favors these sites. In fact, Google will actually rank your site lower if you are not optimized. So if you’re putting all this effort into SEO, as it appears in our survey, but you lack an optimized site, you’re hard-work is for nothing.

Mobile Ads Will Surpass Desktop

72% of total digital ad spend in 2019 is expected to be devoted to mobile. That future is not far. With the growing usage of smartphones over desktops, this is only to be expected. Don’t let your company lag behind.

SMS is a Great Marketing Opportunity

SMS has a better open-rate than any other form of marketing imaginable – a 90% average open rate! Further, they are read immediately; 98% are read within 3 min. It can be difficult to do well, and should only be used if consumers opt-in to learn company information, but it can be a great reminder for many to take their next step with your business.

Get Ahead before You’re Left Behind

Mobile is the future of internet usage. Desktops aren’t going to completely disappear, but mobile is quickly overtaking desktop in web usage. Mobile will require just as much, if not more, attention from your business in the years to come. So it’s important to remember to invest in this important form of marketing, rather than letting it fall on your list of priorities.