LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter Best Practices for Construction Markets Webcast

construction_marketing_association_linkedin_facebook_twitter_bestpracticesA webcast entitled LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter Best Practices for Construction Markets is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 12 pm CST. The webcast is free to both members and non-members.

Construction Marketing Association (CMA) Social Media Manager Brian Reuhl and CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown share tips and tricks, new business-friendly features and real construction market examples for these important new media platforms. The Powerpoint presentation deck and white paper (.pdf) will be available via the association events webpage following the webcast.

‚ÄúSocial media is the fastest growing marketing medium in construction, with a growing body of success stories that measure lead generation, awareness building, improved search results and more. But an effective social media program is much more than managing social profiles. We intend to share more advanced features of these important platforms”, explains Neil M. Brown.

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  1. course in construction

    Definetly social media is one of the fastest growing online advertising media and every business is trying to captivate this market, then why not the construction business. Great tips and advice given by the chairman of Construction Marketing and Association.

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